Error 1002 on previously working setup

  • 1 May 2017
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We have a 3 part Sonos system (Playbar + 2 smaller players in 2 other rooms), hooked up to TV and WiFi. Has been working for over a year. Without any changes to the system, suddenly not much seems to be working any more. All controllers can still see all tracks we have stored across 4 devices (2 laptops, 2 phones) but I can only play tracks off my phone and laptop and my partner can't play any from anywhere. We tried the restart of router, Playbar and subunits (in that order) but that hasn't fixed anything. As far as we can tell, the rest of the WiFi is working find (i.e. accessing web, email etc).
The *ONLY* thing that has changed as far as we know is my phone upgrading to Android 7.1.1 (which I don't recommend to anyone, incidentally, who uses the default email app a lot cause it's no longer there, had to install and set up K-9...) which seems to have certainly jugged around things on my phone but I can't see why that should block the other controllers.
I have notices that if I set a track to play from my phone and then we try and play one from one of the laptops, it has trouble clearing the queue and the first track just sits there and even if I stop it on my phone, it doesn't seem to clear out of the queue.

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5 replies

I have the same issue: Error 1002 showing up on previously working Mac. I get this everyday and everyday I have to do the same thing. Go into Preferences->Sharing, uncheck the Sharing checkbox, wait a few seconds and turn it back on. Then I have to delete the previous music folder from SONOS and add it back in again, and then wait for SONOS to re-index my music library all over again. It's ridiculous. It works when I go to bed and when I get up, it doesn't. It is ridiculously frustrating. I still don't understand why SONOS has to make it so difficult. If anyone has any idea why SONOS loses it sharing? it's a convoluted setup and for the amount you pay for these things the system should work!!!
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Urgh I kinda wish you hadn't said that, I decided to try and unshare my music folder on my Android to see if that fixes it but now I cannot re-add it. I can get to the Add New Share but then it asks me to manually enter the path. Like I know what the frickin path to my music folder on my Android is, cryptic as Android is about its folder structure. I *sure* that was easier when I first did it a few years ago.
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@akerbeltz The Android music share is done automatically. The Sonos app will find all tracks on the phone stored in the Music folder as described here.

It sounds like a few things could be going on there and I'd love to take a closer look. Can you please submit a diagnostic from your Sonos system and let me know your confirmation number?

The music share process where you have to type in the path is for the Sonos software to find a share on the network, not on the phone. So that's so you can find your computer or a NAS drive.

Sonos has access to both local shares on the device you're using, and network shares. Where are the tracks you're looking to add?

@psyenz101, that sounds like your Mac is losing its file sharing settings when it goes to sleep. If you're unable to add the share, can you go ahead and send a diagnostic as well?
Error 1002 is a network timeout. Something didn't respond in time.

Common culprits are firewalls, IP address duplication (restart the whole network to flush, reserve IP addresses in the router to prevent in future) or wireless interference.
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Ok, mystery solved 😳 For some odd reason, one laptop had disconnected from the local network but without disconnecting from the WiFi, which we discovered in (un)related technology woes. Once we told Windows 10 to stop being silly and fix the local network connection, everything was back to normal. The only bizarre thing is that this seems to have had an impact on music on the *other* devices but hey, it's Windows...

Regarding music on mobile devices: I have a different folder structure but I guess it's less of a problem since my mobile music folder is just a cutdown of my main music library.

Thanks everyone for the helpful suggestions!