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Has this problem been seen anywhere else?

We have a number of installations where we have multiple, disparate SONOSnet installation in an apartment block (or Hotel).

They are all on a common ethernet network but have been set up as separate SONOSnet networks. This works fine - no interference problems on the wireless controllers (everything else is wired) even with 24 separate SONOS networks in one coverage area.

However...every now and then a controller seems to jump networks and start controlling someone else's hotel room - not ideal as you can imagine. I thought it was a fluke and spoke to SONOS but I have seen it three times noe. I thought the household ID was unique and that this was, essentially, impossible.

Last week however one Hotel room started playing music at 4.00 am - and no one was in the room and the only other guests were tucked up in bed (until the music started at full volume. Needless to say we had a somewhat unhappy hotel manager.

We use a single NAS drive for content. And before anyone asks - yes we have addressed the Performing Rights/Copyright issues.

Any similar issues please advise as I need to get to the bottom of this one - I still cannot think why the system can theretically do this.


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Is this a behavior that you can repeat in a given room?

Check the [Music Menu] -> System Settings -> About Your Digital Music System and make sure that the systems are distinct.

Is there any chance that a staff member or guest is playing a prank?
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Hi Kme,

What you're describing shouldn't happen(and as far as i'm aware hasn't, we have a similar environment here in our offices, where everyone has a sonos system at their desks on the same network... and i have never seen this occur) .

The only way that i can think that this could occur is if there are duplicate IP addresses occurring on your network... in this case a ZP which had a duplicate IP as the ZP being controlled would mistakenly think the command was intended for it.

I would double check your network configuration, possibly extend your DHCP address lease times, or use static DHCP assignments. Please feel free to call Sonos support again for assistance.

Hope that helps,
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They are cateorically on separate networks but we cannot force a replication of the condition.

I have checked the IP addressing and am now setting up each cat5e connection to each apartment on a separate VLAN to ensure no IP path between apartments exists although they all see the common connection to the NAS drive.

Being able to force the IP to statis on the controller would not only help remove this possibility but would also allow us to remotely disable an aprtment from our netowrk operation centre in the event that one guest is abusing the system - the VLAN system will let us get around this but it will also disable the internet access from that room.

I am seeing SONOS at CEDIA UK later this month and can chew over this one more. Thought there might be a nugget of info on the forums that might point to what is happening here.

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Graham - just thinking - one instance I saw myself was when apartment 6 (on the ground floor) had his own controller and could only see the 5 zones in the one of the penthouse apartments. His controller had never left the room but could now only see the "wrong" zones - he could not work out why when he turned up the volume he could not hear it - although everyone on the top floor wanted to know who the inconsiderate guest in the penthouse was !

This points to more than an IP problem as the controller sees the "wrong" bank of zones.


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