Eero and Sonos via Netgear N600

I have just installed an Eero system. I’ve plugged my old Netgear N600 router (with wifi disabled) into the Eero gateway to provide additional ports for ethernet devices and for a telephone jack. These are all working fine except for my Sonos system (via a Boost), which the Sonos app can no longer find. I’m dimly aware that my Netgear router may need to be reconfigured to avoid conflicts. Can you advise please?   


Best answer by ratty 9 May 2022, 09:07

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You are using your router as if it where a switch. Switches are not expensive. In my experience this is a good one:, available with more ports if you need them.

The Netgear router is still acting as a router.

To use the old router as a switch you’d need to:

  • disable its internal DHCP server
  • assign it an unused IP address consistent with the Eero network prefix
  • use only the LAN ports (ignoring the WAN/internet port *)

(* some routers do allow the WAN port to be repurposed as a LAN port)

Ratty - thanks, but I’m a networking novice so if you can explain how to do what you suggest I’d be very grateful.

106rallye - I have a Netgear GS205 switch, but it lacks a socket for the analog phone I use for my VOIP service. Is there an adapter that would allow a connection? 

Wire the GS205 to the Eero. 

Wire the Boost and the Netgear router to separate ports on the GS205. 

Use that router solely for your VOIP. 

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