Echo with sound-bar and one

  • 31 October 2019
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87 replies

Hi and happy thanksgiving everyone!

Just posting to say that I am having the same problem. Our setup is a playbar and two first-generation Sonos Ones. Haven’t tried the temporary fix yet, but will give it a go soon. Hoping for a permanent fix soon!


Thank goodness I’m not the only one with this issue.  The work around only works temporarily.  You can also pause the music for a second and let the surrounds catch up, but the echo will come back again.  This only happens when trying to group surrounds with any other speakers.

 I have 2 surround sound setups, one in the living room, one in the Master bedroom and both of them will echo when grouped with other speakers after a while.  I’ve hardwired all of my play:1 and play one’s with the playbar and beam and still get the echo effect.

I hope the issue gets resolved soon with a quick update. 


Do you have an update and timeline for this?

The first post is already a month old and I think everyone here expects finally a solution for this problem.

We all paid a lot of money and expect a solid sound system.

If this is not already classified as highest priority on the bug fix list it should go straight to the top since this has a major impact on the enjoyment of the Sonos system. 



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I've just logged in to report the same issue, I held out on the last couple of updates and as soon as it forced me to update I've had this issue.

I have updated again tonight but it is still an issue (have music on in Kitchen, then group Playbar 5.1; after 10 minues the Play1s in Music Mode are miles out of sync).

It's strange as I thought the Playbar drove these as slaves on the 5ghz band?.



It does, but Sonos has stated that there’s an issue that they’re currently working on. They’ve posted a work around that involves you starting the music on the PLAYBAR first, then grouping the PLAY:1 to it. 

It’s a bit messy, but I’d expect a fix would be coming soon enough. 

Same issue here. Hoping to see a fix soon!

So far no out of sync issues when using the work around though, but pretty annoying…



But how can you play on the Playbar first and not the surrounds when the surrounds are linked to it? I can't see there's a workable temporary fix in this scenario (and I've tried unlinking the surrounds and re-adding them while the Playbar is playing but music still goes out of sync 10-15 mins later...).

Rhonny, if you’re not playing to two grouped rooms, you may be experiencing a different issue. I’d recommend opening a new thread, and posting your details. 


Watching TV with surrounds works fine, no echos for me.  The echo appears on both my surrounds in the Living room and Master bedroom when grouped with other rooms.  It doesn’t matter where the music is started from, the echo still appears after a few minutes.  The only fix is to pause the music and play it again, but the echo appears again after a few minutes.     I hope a fix comes soon!  

Having the same problem, it sounds to me that the soundbar is slightly behind the surround speakers causing that echo. When I remove the “theater” group from the rest of the grouped speakers and add it back it fixes it for a few songs and than the echo appears again. I will try the suggested workaround tonight. 

Having the same problem, it sounds to me that the soundbar is slightly behind the surround speakers causing that echo. When I remove the “theater” group from the rest of the grouped speakers and add it back it fixes it for a few songs and than the echo appears again. I will try the suggested workaround tonight. 

Sonos state they are looking into the matter and hopefully it will be fixed soon. 👍

Same issue for me with Sonos Beam and two Play 1’s grouped at L and R surrounds. Does anyone know specifically which products are affected by this?

As for surround speakers, I have seen people mention the Play 1 and the Sonos One Gen1. I haven’t seen anyone mention the One gen2 or the One SL. If true, I’d worry that this means the processing power of the Play1 and One gen1 are struggling to keep up. 

Personally I bought the Play 1’s because they’re cheaper and have mounting holes, but if the old CPUs inside are a problem, I might ditch them.

Hi, Feeling quite frustrated with the sync issue.  I have two rooms that both have soundbars with play 1s surround and I am suffering with the echo issue when playing multi room in just one of the rooms.  I have tried the work around but the one room is still have a sync issue. I also have a Play 3 and another Play 1 in two other rooms.  I have submitted a diagnostic report 2040241378. When will there be a fix for this? Christmas is close and we are hoping to use the systems for our Christmas parties. 

Also having a random delay/echo with rears, however I have a playbar, sub and connect amp with in ceiling rears. This has been installed for two years and only noticed this echo happening for roughly a month maybe. Doesn’t happen constantly and doesn’t have to be grouped with any other zone for it to echo. Only noticed it with music, but don’t watch a whole lot of TV. Its happened enough lately for me to search to see if other people are having a similar problem or if my system is bad.

Since yours seems to be atypical from what Sonos is looking at already, I would recommend that you submit a system diagnostic within 10 minutes of experiencing this issue, and contact Sonos Support to discuss it.

I usually suggest the phone folks, they have more tools available, but are only available Monday through Friday during business hours. Twitter support folks are available 24/7.

There may be information included in the diagnostic that will help Sonos pinpoint the issue and help you find a solution.


My system has also been in place for a few years and have never had issues before now, it’s got to be an update issue. I also have subs and and a bridge. Very frustrating to say the least :-( 

Thanks Bruce, I have already submitted a diagnostic report to Sonos. 

Hi @Ryan S Here is a diagnostic  from my side  


This is very frustrating. It starts out ok but after 10-20 mins seems to fall out of sync. 

I have a playbar + sub + LS + RS (both Sonos one) 

I have tried the suggested temporary fix, start with the Beam and surround first and then add other groups and it seems to be working. No more echo for now. Now waiting for a proper fix from Sonos, @Ryan S please keep us posted! Thanks!

I’m having a similar issue but am going to try with this temporary solution to see if that resolves.  It’s definitely isolated to the surround sound configuration and isn’t impacting any of the room (all single speakers)

Any update or timeline for this known issue? My echo is so bad it makes the system unusable.   The echo gets worse and worse until the surrounds stop playing music and my system is left with only the sound bar working. 

Come on Sonos….HELP!!!

I’m also anxiously awaiting an update, and weighing whether I should just return my surrounds because it’s not worth the headache. If Sonos takes over a month to fix sync issues then they are a poor replacement for a good old fashioned surround sound system. This should never happen, and if it does happen, it should be fixed immediately.

I’ve been experiencing this exact same issue for the past couple months and it’s been driving me crazy. The echo is sooooo annoying :scream::rolling_eyes: and totally ruins what is supposed to be a pleasurable experience :unamused:

Unfortunately the stated workaround (make Playbar the master) is not an option in my use case.

@Ryan S when will this be fixed? Hopefully before the Christmas holidays! :fingers_crossed:



 and if it does happen, it should be fixed immediately.

Totally agree...

Sonos, why is it taking so long to fix this?

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The team is still working on this one but I don’t have a timeline right now to share. Out of curiosity, why isn’t using the Playbar as the first unit in the group work for your setup?

Hey Ryan,

I have a Sonos Beam, 2 Play 5 surrounds and a sub in the living room.  I also have a Playbar, 2 Play 5 surrounds and a sub in the family room.  How should I set it up so that I don’t get the echo in one of the rooms?   

Same problem. Bought a Playbar on 11/30/19. Set up with my two Play1’s as surrounds. Listening to TV is fine. Listening to (non-tv) music ends up with a delay where sound coming from the Playbar clearly lags sound coming from the surrounds.  It’s actually physically nauseating to listen to after a short time and I have to shut off the surrounds.  I’m ready to return the Playbar and get my 20-year-old home theater system out of the basement for the tv and go back to music only on my Sonos speakers. I’ve been so happy with Sonos products until now.  Also disappointing that I’ve called and emailed Sonos support and no one I dealt with knew anything about this known issue.  Please fix this Sonos!