Echo with Play Bar and Play 1 Surround Speakers

  • 8 December 2016
  • 3 replies

Can you please advise me how I can eliminate an Intermittent echo on my PlayBar and surround speakers. I do not have a boost setup, as I do not suffer any drop out but would a boost eliminate this echo.

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3 replies

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Have you set up the Play 1 speakers as surrounds (Ie appear as (+LS, +RS) in the room settings)?

If they are joined as surrounds have your Trueplay tuned your Playbar? - If not you should do it.
Hi Stuart_w,
Yes I have them setup as surrounds, I have not tuned with Trueplay as I do not have an Apple phone. If you recommend this as a solution I shall have to borrow an IPhone off of a friend.
Thank you for your suggestion.
If you've got them set up as surrounds, there should be no echo at all, either when playing TV content, or Music.

The next time it happens, I'd certainly run a diagnostic, and come back here and post it, so that the fine folks at Sonos can look at the data to help figure out why.

CapnLes also recommends (and I concur) that for music purposes, you go in to advanced settings for your TV "Room" and set the rear speakers to "Full" rather than "Ambient" so that they'll be louder and more useful when playing music, without changing the surround channel when playing your TV. In that same area, you'll find other controls that allow you to turn them up when you're watching TV, too, in case they're too soft.

And borrowing someone's iPhone or iPad is never a bad idea, since you only need it for about 5 minutes. Just be forwarned that the Trueplay software doesn't yet work on an iPhone 7 (fortunately, I had an older iPad lying around!).

My TV room sound is indeed different after running Trueplay yesterday. Not sure yet if it's better or not (but I'm leaning towards better), but it's nice that once you've done it, you can turn on the changes or turn them off at the click of a button.