Earthnet connection on sonos connect amp not working

  • 11 May 2017
  • 4 replies

Hi, I have recently bought a sonos connect amp and when I plug the earthnet cable in it does not light up. I have tried with different ports on the router and the amp but still can not connect it. Could this be a simple fix or not?

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4 replies

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Is it a new connect amp or a used one? If it is new the Sonos support folks can deal with any internal problems, if used I'm not sure where you stand.

Is the status light on the connect amp coming on and what color and state (solid or blinking is it)

If you use your Ethernet cable to connect another device does it light up the Ethernet sockets status lights at both ends? Remember Sonos only uses 100 MB connections so you may see a different light combination than faster or slower devices give.

Hopefully you have a good status light but a bad cable, that would be the easiest to deal with.
Hi, the status light comes on the front and is a solid white colour, but when any cable is plugged into the earthnet plug there are no green or yellow lights flashing. Tried new cables etc with no luck. It was purchased second hand with another 3 which all work. Have no issues with internet speed.
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No Ethernet lights with a known good cable and connection on the other end sure sounds like the previous owner did something to the port.

Does the other Ethernet port work or is it dead too?

Have you tried using it with the Sonos Net wireless connection active, that might let you use it even with a dead Ethernet port?
I think I am going to return it to them, it was a refurb item by them so obviously missed the checks before going out. I have tried setting up wireless but it seems the only way of pre setting up is to have it cabled first. Then can do a wireless set up. Both posts seem to be dead sadly.