Dvd not working with sonos

Hi I have a Sony blue ray BDP-S6700 and a Sony tv xbr-75x850e. I have a playbar, sub and 2 play 1's for surround sound. The system works fine with direct tv. When i play a disc it works for the previews but the sound stops after the "play" feature for the movie is pressed. The only way the sound then works is by pushing the "audio" on the remote of the dvd and turning it into the feature that provides narration with sound (very annoying). Yesterday i bought the same dvd player to plug and play to trouble shoot if it was the player or the hook up. That player did the same thing. History....I recently moved and best buy hooked this up. I didn't check the dvd player prior. I know that the same system (but with a different tv) worked 100% prior to the move and upgrading the tv so i am optomistic it is just a setting. Any advice?

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I assume this is a Bluray disk you are playing? If so then the audio track is probably encoded as DTS, which the Playbar cannot decode. What happens with a DVD?

If you set TV output to PCM do you get sound? (Although it won't be surround sound)
So i just tried a dvd and yes that works. Now......why wouldn't sonos work with blue ray? Is there a way to fix this? Or do i have to buy another blueray player compatible with sonos?
Sonos can understand DD5.1, the usual format for DVDs, but not DTS, the usual format for BR.

You can probably get stereo by setting something somewhere to PCM

Check if your BRP can transcode DTS to DD5.1. If not, Samsungs generally do.


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