Duplicated iTunes Playlists

Ok, I already searched, read, and tried the suggestions for ways of removing duplicated iTunes Playlists from my Sonos system. All those attempts only add more duplicates. As in now I have some Playlists being listed 3 times in my Sonos.

I searched everyone on my computer and NAS drive for any duplicated, no duplicated exist. I checked my Music Library on my computer, no duplicates exist. Yet, Sonos insists to show me duplicated Playlists.

I’m completely stumped and out of anymore things to try. Besides the only thing I can think of and see reference to is the Sonos “Share”, but no comments that say about the “Share” provides any info as to where this “Share” is or how to access it. Any thoughts? 

Thank you.


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Perhaps see this support document and rename any duplicates of "iTunes Music Library.xml" or “iTunes Library.xml.”

Don’t forget to also re-index your Sonos library

You may also find these two links helpful too:

Thanks for the other two articles. I will look into those suggestions tomorrow.

But per your comment, “rename any duplicates of "iTunes Music Library.xml" or “iTunes Library.xml.” As I said, I searched every location possible for duplicates. As in the "iTunes Music Library.xml" or “iTunes Library.xml.” files and there is no duplicate of either of those files anywhere to be found.

And as I said, “I read, and tried the suggestions for ways of removing duplicated iTunes Playlists from my Sonos system.” which included re-indexing the Sonos library. I did that three times in hopes of it fully clearing out the duplicates. Actually, I even removed my NAS drive and the music library completely from the Sonos controller, re-indexed with it removed. And the Playlists were still showing. I renamed the Playlists in my iTunes. Removed the Playlists completely from my NAS drive. Exported my Playlists again to my NAS drive from iTunes and reconnected my Music library again to my Sonos. Once again, all the duplicates were still showing. I even tried completely removing, re-indexed, re-named, re-indexed again, re-installed, re-indexed a third time. The duplicates were still showing.

I feel I almost have to completely reset each of my speakers to clear these Playlists. But, why would I have to do that, when I was told before on the Sonos support, “you should never have to reset your Sonos speakers.”

As said, I’ll try the other link suggestions tomorrow. Thank you.