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  • 1 October 2016
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I've had a Sonos Connect for two years and it works flawlessly. My music is in FLAC format and resides on a Synology NAS. The drives are WD Reds and spin at 9,600.

I bought a Sonos Amp yesterday. It connect to the Sonos network and the player shows on my Android Tablet Controller. However, when I try to plan the amp, the music cuts-out and then restarts on the next track.

Not only that, if I have the Amp plugged-in to electricity, the old Connect displays the very same behavior (dropped music, restarts on the next song). If I unplug the Amp from the electrical outlet, the Connect works fine.

Both the Connect and the Connect Amp are attached to the NAS via a 100 Mbps Ethernet network. I've tried different network connections and different network cables, and the result is the same.

I've also tried running the Connect Amp through my wireless network--and, again, the result is the same. (That is, dropped music on both the Connect and the Connect Amp.)

I'm at my wits end. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

PS - I'm a network engineer. I have tested the through-put of the Ethernet network and the router and it is a solid 100 Mbps.

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8 replies

It sounds like it could be a duplicated IP.
I'll check that. They are on different switches and I'm using DHCP--but you or correct, it does sound like an IP conflict. Thanks for the idea.
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Are both Sonos devices wired and if so, is that a managed switch?
The OP said he had the same issues when the C:A was operating wirelessly.
I've tried both wired and wireless, and the results are the same.

The switches are smart Linksys, model SE3008. I haven't had time to reboot everything and have new IPs assigned; I plan to do that this evening and will let you know the results tomorrow.
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If you're still having trouble, feel free to submit a diagnostic from your Sonos system and post the confirmation number here. Make sure you send it in after you have a few cutouts and before restarting any players. The reboots clear out the logs.
The problem has been resolved.

My home network has a primary router and a bridge router. I was initially attaching the wireless Sonos Connect through the bridge router (which sits next to the connect). The NAS where I keep my music is on the Primary router. This configuration worked fine when I only had one unit. When I added the Connect Amp, I had the problem I initially described.

I unplugged every network device (19 of them: four PCs, three TVs, three printers, three VOIPs ,two security systems, two NAS, the Connect and the Connect Amp), the primary router, the bridge router and four network switches. I then plugged-in, in this order, the primary router, bridge router and one switch at a time; I booted all of the devices on each switch, prior to moving to the next switch. And, lastly, I connected the Connect unit to the wireless network of the primary router (instead of the bridge router). So now, the NAS and Connect route through the same device.

And everything is now working perfect. Thanks everyone for the help and the ideas.
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Many thanks for sharing your solution.