Dropped speaker

I have 2 play-1s and a beam- randomly one of my play-1 just dropped from my sonos app entirely and i cant play music or reconnect. Help

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Are the play:1’s 'bonded' with the Beam in a Home Theatre setup, or are they in another 'Sonos' Room?

Did you try powering off/on the speaker, to see if that resolves the problem?
They are just in another room, not bonded. I did not try the on off yet.
If there are lights/power to the speaker, you could just try powering it off/on... its worth trying that, as you are not actually seeing it in your Sonos App.

If you want to be cautious and try to take a System snapshot of the speaker, you can hold down its 'play/pause' and 'volume down' buttons for 10 seconds until you see some LED light activity and then reboot the speaker. If it comes back online, submit a system diagnostic in the Sonos App Advanced Settings and make a note of it’s reference number and post that back here... then just press the 'play/pause' button again to get it out of diagnostic mode and then see how it goes after that.

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