Dropouts while listening to music

  • 13 July 2020
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I'm experiencing frequent drop outs while listening to music. They are usually short (2-5 seconds). Music basically stops playing on all of the speakers in my living room at the same time, and restarts on all speakers together.

My setup is Playbar and Sub next to each other at the front of the living room, and two Sonos Ones at the back.
Playbar is wired to a Wifi router which also sits at the front of the room, around 4-5m away from Playbar and Sub.
There are also two Symfonisk lamps in the bedroom and Boost in between Living Room and Bedroom. None of the Sonos devices connect to my home Wifi, they are all on SonosNet, channel 11.

Speakers and the controllers have been updated to S2.

For this test I was playing music only in the Living Room. The "SONOS_IP_ADDRESS:1400/support/review" diagnostics page confirms that the Playbar uses channel 11 and also channel 48 to communicate with the Sub and Ones:
Mode: INFRA (sonosnet)
Operating on channel 2462
Home channel is 2462
HT Channel is 5240

I made sure to run my home Wifi network on different channels: 
Channel 1 for 2.4Ghz
Channel 64 (80Mhz)
and an automatically selected channel in the upper band (currently Channel 100, also 80Mhz) for 5Ghz.

There is a few mobile phones, laptops and other devices in the room.

I've submitted Diagnostics (634910024) - does it show a direct cause of these drop outs? If there is an intereference - does it show which channel or which wifi network is interfering with Sonos?
Of course I may be wrong here, but I think we can exclude problems with the music being delivered to Playbar from a local media server - one day I've switched off router and it was still around 30-60s until the music stopped playing, so I assume Playbar is caching the songs in its memory. Also, similar dropouts occur when streaming music from an internet radio.


7 replies

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Hi @skyriver.

Welcome to the Sonos community and thanks for sharing your feedback and concern.

I would like to share with you the only details shown on the diagnostic.

  1. Sonos Playbar is wired to the router instead of the Sonos Boost.
  2. Playbar displayed audio dropouts based at the time diagnostic was sent.
  3. Playbar is showing lost internet connection.

I would recommend switching the Sonos Boost with the Playbar since that is the main purpose of the Sonos Boost (to generate Sonos net). Wiring the Playbar to the router adds communication congestion with the Playbar since the Playbar is already communicating to the internet on behalf of it self, Sub, and the surrounds (idealy through Home Theater Broadcast system) however on your set up, the Playbar communicates to the internet on behalf of it self, Sub, surrounds, adding to the communication the Boost, 2 IKEA table lamp speakers. 

Please let me know if this helps by switching the Playbar with the Sonos Boost. We are always here to help.


Thanks @Paul A - I think things are getting better now after unplugging Playbar from the router and plugging Boost into another router in the same network. I will keep testing different music sources and let you know how it goes!

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Hi @skyriver.

Thanks for the immediate feedback.

I’m glad to know everything works now. I hope not only do you enjoy your Sonos but as well as everything goes well moving forward.

Please let me know if you still have further questions or concerns. We are always here to help out.


Hi @Paul A 

I had a chance to run a longer test today and had absolutely no problems this morning when I was playing music from a local network drive attached to one of the routers as well as from Sonos Radio. I even tried to play it on all speakers in all rooms at the same time and it was playing nicely without any significant delays.

Then, I tried to play music from my TV attached to the Playbar via Optical cable and again things were working fine, with no delays in the living room. The only issue was that I had to set Group Audio Delay to Max (2,000ms) which means that the Bedroom speakers were 2s behind the music in the living room. I think It’s simply because the music had to jump from the Playbar to Boost and then further to Bedroom’s Symfonisk speakers. I use this mode very rarely, so it’s not a big issue for me anyway.


However, later in the afternoon/evening I again started playing music from the local network drive to all the speakers in my living room (this time not streaming to Bedroom speakers at all). Unfortunately, the drop outs came back, usually lasting around 1-2 seconds every few minutes. As advised in some topics in this forum, I had a look at the network matrix but it didn’t look too bad (please correct me if I’m wrong):

I also made a small diagram showing the layout of the rooms and the Sonos devices and routers:

The Sonos Boost and the router that it’s wired to are in the hallway roughly half way between the living room and the bedroom. The two routers have the 2.4Ghz radios turned off to minimise the possible interference.

After some of the drop outs I submitted diagnostics: first 581718668 and then 2041809610 around 30 minutes later. Do they show the reason why these drop outs still occur?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I’m not too sure where to look next. Do the Sonos speakers require very stable connection within the LAN network (to the network drive storing the music) and/or the internet? I would think that they can cache at least a few seconds of the music and things should work smoothly even during very short issues connecting to the network drive.

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Hi @skyriver.

Thanks for the immediate and detailed response as well as showing a nework matric of your Sonos devices.

I would like to share with you the diagnostics provided shows interference with the Playbar, Symfonisk Lamp, and Boost. I would suggest try using a different ethernet cable with the Sonos boost to make sure it has a reliable ethernet cable with no issues of the wire being a little faulty. I would also like to recommend going through the guide on how to reduce wireless interference. The boost maybe wired to the router however, it may still encounter wireless interference since it is generating Sonos WiFi or Sonos net to all your Sonos devices. Audio drop out is also present and displayed on Playbar and Sympfonisk Lamp. I would also like to recommend another guide that might help.

Based on the Network matrix provided, I do not see any major/glaring issues on your Sonos devices.

Please let me know how it goes. We’re always here to help out.



Hi @Paul A 

Thanks for the recommendations!

I replaced the cable to a much shorter FTP cable, thinking that the longer it is the more interference it may be getting. I’ve also moved Boost slightly closer to the line of sight between the living room and the bedroom. Every now and then I was still seeing orange boxes on the left hand side of the network matrix, but fortunately it wasn’t affecting music too much.

Things were running with no issues for 2 days. Now I’m doing a little renovation at home so speakers are unplugged, but hopefully once connected again I’ll be able to enjoy issue-free listening! :)

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Hi @skyriver.

Thanks for the immediate response and feedback.

I’m glad to hear that everything is working as expected. I do hope you continue to enjoy your Sonos and good luck with the renovation.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you still have further questions or concerns. We are always here to help out.