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I am experiencing a wave of dropouts in many of my zones each time I start playing music. It only lasts 10 or so seconds and then all zones catch up but then sound "weak" for a bit. The units are both wired and on sonosnet and this is a new issue that first occurred about 3-4 weeks ago, went away when I reset the router, modem and all sonos zones, and has returned. It has nothing to do with interference and I cant find an IP conflict. All zones are set to static addresses. I hope someone can help me with this.
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And again. I had a ticket with a level 2 tech that lasted at least a year before I had the house wired so I’m very skeptical about calling but this is really bad.
Nope. Didn’t fix it. Can’t find the ip conflict but it still dropped out on startup even after I rebooted all zones and the router and satellite.
Here’s another diagnostic. Not sure if you can see the dropout but it’s right at the beginning of the stream.
Thanks for taking a look. Unfortunately it occurs even with less units going and I had dropout free playback for about six months once I wired half the house. The good news is that I found the IP conflict and have now reserved an address for the device that was running amok. I hope that fixes the issue. I will post here either way.
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Hi @RAL75, I just took a look and the error messages are mostly connection related, they're errors when trying to buffer the tracks off of your NAS drive from what I can tell. I'd recommend a few tests to start with.

First, it looks like you're trying to play flac songs off of this NAS drive to a group of 8 Sonos players (a mix of wired and wireless players). That's a lot of network traffic. Flac files aren't small. Do you have issues playing to single rooms, or a group of your wired Sonos players? Office, Pool, Kitchen, and Family room are wired on the diagnostic you sent.

Second, looks like you're grouping everything off of the Office, which doesn't have a great connection to a few of the wireless devices. Try playing to the Kitchen first and grouping devices to that. If you want to test multiple things at a time, try Kitchen solo, then slowly add wired players to see if it breaks down at some point. After you've added wired players, add wireless players to the group. That way you'll be able to see where the breaking point might be.

Finally, if you're having trouble with just one wired player, or maybe a couple, it could be the NAS drive itself. Do you have those same tracks on a computer that's wired into the network? If so, try sharing that computer to Sonos and play some tracks off of the computer. That'll help you test out if it's the drive speed or other issues with the NAS.
Thanks. I figure someone will take a look tomorrow. I’m in the states as well.
Since it is a holiday here in the states, where many of the community moderators are, you’re much more likely to get a response from Sonos Support if you contact them directly, via either their Twitter or Facebook areas.
And another one. It’s basically unlistenable at this point.
Its still happening and I just had a massive dropout on one of the Ethernet connected zones. I can’t find the ip conflict but that probably due to my own inexperience.
Here is the latest diagnostic. Hopefully someone can help.
I’m thinking IP because my laptop had that error message recently. I’m not familiar with how to run the ping test but will look into it.
Thanks for the suggestion.
If wired units are dropping then either IP conflicts or a simple wiring fault could be the cause. I would run sustained ping bursts to check the connectivity.
Interference has been eliminated not IP conflicts. The wired units are dropping out.
It just happened again. Here’s a new diagnostic.
Family room is wired. It went out for about 3 seconds.
I always group from one of the wired units as well.
If IP conflicts have been eliminated then the most likely culprit is indeed wireless problems. Since there are multiple rooms grouped, see whether changing the 'group coordinator' -- the first room in the group (and the left in the case of a stereo pair) -- makes a difference. The choice of the first room will determine the pattern of traffic flows and the topology of the 'direct routing' connections between peer nodes for the music stream. This topology is different to, and effectively laid on top of, the STP topology visible in the network matrix.
Thanks for the suggestions. I’m just very weary about starting another ticket at Sonos. The last one was open for many years and was only “solved” when I hard wired the units.
I suppose there’s no harm posting a diagnostic.
I just ran one and here it is.
Hopefully someone can see something in it.
Thanks for response
That's the problem with duplicate IP addresses. They don't show up on any report in your router. The report is a "the moment that it was run" report, and doesn't show any other connections over time. Unless you have a spreadsheet about what devices are connected to what IP addresses , and manage to catch the anomaly at the moment it occurs, it just won't show up.

But it's up to you, I certainly am not trying to force anything on to you. Perhaps someone else will have other suggestions for you.

I wish you the best of luck.
I've been through a ton of issues with this system over the 10 years I've had it and have wired many of the units since I run all FLACs and sonos cant handle the bandwidth since I play 7 or more zones at a time. I have spent countless hours on the phone with support over the years and was hoping someone here would be able to help me since this is a different issue. I have checked the matrix already and rebooted the whole system.
The music streams fro a NAS and the reason I think there could be a conflict with the addresses is because I got a message on my laptop last week stating there was one. That said, I checked the addresses on my router and do not see one. The only thing I didnt restart was the NAS and I am trying to avoid doing that since it will involve restarting everything again. Its a fairly long process because of all the zones.
I was hoping someone else had this issue and it was an easy fix.
In most instances like this, it's 90% chance that it's wifi interference. 7% chance that it's a duplicate IP address issue, which can't normally be "seen" by looking at data from a router. 3% chance that it's a problem with the Sonos itself.

The clue is in the fact that it went away when your rebooted the router and the Sonos units, which does point toward an issue in your LAN.

You say that you're wired, and on SonosNet. Are both speakers wired? Or is just one wired? Do you have either a BRIDGE or BOOST, or is your "wired" device a speaker?

But you're suggesting that you've already checked everything. Why don't you submit a system diagnostic within 10 minutes of experiencing this wave of dropouts, and either post the number here, or contact Sonos Support to discuss it. I prefer to suggest the phone folks, they have more tools available, but are only available Monday through Friday during business hours. Both the Twitter and Facebook support folks are available 24/7.

There may be information included in the diagnostic that will help Sonos pinpoint the issue and help you find a solution.