Dropouts on Orbi

  • 22 December 2017
  • 30 replies

I have been trying to get my Sonos setup (2 play 5 gen1, playbar, 3 play 1) working. Can I get some info from the diagnostic?

Diagnostic 8255819

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30 replies

Thanks for taking a look at my diagnostic Keith. I suspected the Kitchen speaker might be part of the problem due to a noticed drop in WiFi reception in the area. I moved the speaker somewhat earlier today and didn’t have a problem streaming Spotify. That said, the problem is sporadic so it wasn’t something I could say improved things.

I just attempted to stream a podcast again and it dropped out about 5 minutes in. The wired speaker (office) was the one first in the group so I assume that made it the group controller. New diagnostics submitted right after the drop.

Diagnostic number 8262436

I am attempting to stream the same podcast through TuneIn to see if that works and might further indicate the connection to the phone as the main problem. If needed I can move the speaker further away from the items I suspect might be leading to the interface in that part of the house.

Thanks again for the support and hope this one helps us get to the bottom of this.
We had another problem this morning. Built a Spotify queue in the Sonos app and it cut out about 10-15 in. Displayed an error message that it was unable to connect to Spotify although we had no other issues connecting to the internet.

Submitted another diagnostic 8264038.

Thank you again for the support trying to figure out this problem.
And just happened again. Streaming from Spotify in Sonos app. Got an “insufficient network speed to maintain buffer”. Submitted diagnostics 8264084

Was able to stream Spotify to the phone no problems. Ran speed test on internet connection and got a solid 120Mb up and down. It would be really useful to know what these diagnostics have to say.
Finally had to resort to power cycling the speaker acting as the controller to get anything to play. Starting another soak and will submit another diagnostic when it almost inevitably goes sideways again.
After a couple of days of seemingly reliable performance, we just experienced another dropout. Can someone let me know what the diagnostic has to say?

Diagnostic number 8303159.

Any info from the previous diagnostics would be swell also. Thank you!