Dropouts and missing speakers

  • 22 November 2016
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I've had my system for a year and it played flawlessly for that time. I have (6) play 1 - a play 5 and a play 3. The first one is within 10 feet of my high speed fiber internet router. They are all within 20 feet of another one. I control with iphone 6S and Sonos is updated, phone is updated, app is updated. I have uninstalled app, uninstalled system, and rebooted phone and system. Nothing works. Most times I open app, there is only 1 or 2 speakers showing. Any ideas, anyone? It worked flawlessly until the last 2 months. I find myself not even using it and wanting to sell and buy Bose. Please help. I want to keep it and have it like it was. Thanks for your help.

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1 reply

As a guess, you've gotten duplicate IPs assigned by your router for the speakers and some other device. I'd power down everything connected to the router, and the router itself. Then plug the router back in and give it a few minutes to settle in. Then do the same thing with each individual device that connects to the router, waiting a few minutes for each device to request a new IP and get "settled" in.

That probably will take care of it. When I ended up having to do this, having replaced my router and experiencing the same thing, I ended up carving out specific space for them and assigning them reserved IPs, using my router's software. Took a few minutes to figure out, but I've not had any problem since then, and there's a lot of volatility in my Wifi space.