• 15 February 2018
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Stations randomly drop out

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5 replies

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Given the very, very little information you provided l’ll just say it’s your ISP. If you want more help from the community you’ve got to explain your issue with more than 4 words!
I have dropouts, particularly on one CONNECTION. I added a BOOST to the router, and the entire router shut down. I want to connect the BOOST with an Ethernet cable to the troublesome CONNECTION. Does this make any sense?
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Still not fully understanding your issue? What are you calling a CONNECTION? Is it a Sonos speaker or an actual Sonos Connect? You don't connect a Boost to a CONNECTION or whatever that is. A Boost acts as a wireless bridge for your Sonos components. However I see in you profile you own a Sonos Connect is that what you are referring to as a CONNECTION?

A Sonos Boost should not shut down your router as it's only receiving a signal not power or as would be called Power Over Ethernet (POE). Could it be that you tried to connect the Boost to your router using a Crossover Cable which at first glance looks like standard Ethernet Cable (Straight Through)? You want to use a standard Ethernet Cable (Straight Through).

To determine which type of cable you are using make sure the colors strands on both ends match to have a standard Ethernet Cable (Straight Through). If they don't match then you have Crossover Cable. Click the link for an example of Crossover vs standard Ethernet Cable (Straight Through)

After you make sure you have the right Cable please repost with further explanation of what a CONNECTION is :?
Sorry for the confusion. I am using 2 CONNECTS which are used as a source for different audio systems (no Sonos speakers). I have been experiencing frequent random dropouts which Sonos says is the result of jamming and could be fixed with a BOOST. I am using the BOOST with the Ethernet cable supplied by Sonos. There is only one CONNECT that I want to protect from dropouts. Can I prevent the dropouts on this one CONNECT, by connecting the BOOST directly to the CONNECT which is often used for recording. I do not want to connect the BOOST to the router because it interferes with a wireless extender which is also attached to the router.
Userlevel 7 answer your first question…you cannot connect the Boost to your Sonos Connect to resolve a drop out issue. The Boost as; Sonos support indicated, is designed as a stand-a-lone wireless bridge connected to your router via Ethernet to improve signal strength (for Sonos) vs Wi-Fi.

Now, lets’ take a stab at correcting the Boost interference with your extender as you believe. However, yours is the first I’ve heard of a Boost interfering with an extender. Mostly, likely there is an IP conflict.

Follow the procedure below in the order indicated:

1. Power down your modem, router, extender, Connects and any other products wired or wireless
2. Disconnect all Ethernet cables from your router

In this order power-up your:

1. Modem- wait for it to fully come back
2. Router- wait for it to fully come back with generating a Wi-Fi signal
3. Boost- connect it via Ethernet to your router
4. Sonos Connects – one-at-a-time
5. Stop
6. Test your Connects to be sure they are operating properly
7. Power on and re-connect any wired products back to your router (EXCEPT THE EXTENDER)
8. Bring any wireless producst back on line
9. Stop

If possible run without the extender for a day or two to see if drop-outs reoccur. If you cannot run without the extender now you may bring it back. Out of curiosity…why do you need an extender? :?

The above procedure is to allow each component to be assigned an IP Address without conflict. The other alternative is to assign each component with a static IP. Try the former for a few days. Please post back with results.