Drop-Outs with ZP90uk and Play 3 on Line-In

  • 21 January 2017
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Hi to All! I'm a fairly new user on the forum so please excuse any cock-up!

The issue I have is drop-outs when using the ZP90 line-in(Living Room) connection to listen on the Play 3(Kitchen). They start after a few minutes, regardless of line-in source and physical location. I've tried iPad, CD and iPhone on the ZP90 line-in and all drop-out. I've moved the ZP90 into the kitchen so that it is close to the Play 3, and it still drops out.

I use a 5 year old Bridge and Connect (ZP90uk) along with a new single Play 3. The Bridge is connected to the router.
The ZP90 line-out is connected to a hifi amp line-in (Living Room) and I want to use the ZP90 line-in with iPad or other source to play music on the Play 3 (Kitchen) .
My main reason for using line-in being I listen to BBC Iplayer Radio on catch-up which isn't compatible with Sonos.

I use an Imac in the Kitchen to listen on Play 3 or Living Room hifi which is fine, suggesting that the ZP90 receives Sonos Wireless ok. Sources on iMac are Sonos, Spotify and local library.

I tried all three Sonos Net channels and setup the router wifi but still get drop-outs.
I thought the problem could be the ZP 90 line-in connection but it works ok with the ZP 90 line-out connected directly to the hifi amp, again suggesting ZP90 wireless issues.

Having said all of this I'm just now trying the Audio Compression 'Compressed' setting which seems to be working!!
Not sure whether this is the answer or whether it effects audio quality at all but as I've typed this lot up I'll post it anyway as it might help someone else!

Thanks for any advice.

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