Drop outs with Tunein

  • 14 May 2017
  • 4 replies

Hi there,
My sonos seems fine playing Spotify but whilst listening to the radio on Tunein I've started to get lots of dropouts. Internet speed is good, Tunein is working fine on my Echo, etc. Any ideas?
Diagnostics code is 7395140.

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4 replies

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Hi Rykrum, there's quite a lot of de-authentication messages in that diagnostic, which may be related to your playback issues. This is basically when the router does not allow the speakers to remain connected to the WiFi. Can you do a test for a day or so where you have one of your speakers connected with Ethernet to your router? This will put the system over into SonosNet mode which means we won't be interacting with your own WiFi so much. It maybe that these errors are unrelated to the TuneIn issue, but we need to clear them up to see what remains.
Hi, can i get some help with this issue again please. After having raised it before it stopped and was OK for a while but now it's back and happens with spotify as well as tunein. I have my sub wired directly to my router now.
Diagnostic number is 1864649469.
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Hi there, Rykrum. Thanks for reaching back and for the diagnostic report. I am seeing a number of DNS errors where Sonos is not able to see out of the local network. Does this happen if you play audio from your local library or from your phone? Additionally, it may be easier to give our support technicians a call to troubleshoot this in real time over a remote session. They can share a computer with you and get a much closer look at what happens to the data in regards to Sonos.
Thanks Keith. I saw the video about wifi interference and wondered if it might be that. I've switched everything else i can in the house to 5ghz or wired to try to declutter the 2.4ghz network and so far so good. If the problem comes back I'll call tech support as you suggest.