Drop outs with line out and connect

  • 17 September 2017
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I am running google wifi with three units plus one onhub. I have 9 sonos 5, 2 subs, 1 playbar, 2 1s, 2 3s, a connect, and a connect amp, 2 bridges and 1 boost. I have been running a sonosnet set up, but at times will switch over to wireless to try to get stability.

As the title points out I am getting drop outs on both the connect amp which is connected to a turntable, and my line in which is connected to my computer and a sonos 5. I only stay on compressed, and usually go with channel 11. There is a lot of competition here with other wireless networks, but given my system I would think that I should be fine. At times sonos is perfectly stable but at others I just can't seem to get it to work without constant dropouts. I do the usual reboot/unplug everything and this sometimes works. This weekend though absolutely nothing seems to work. I often get the message "unable to play line in source' and pressing stop and play on the controller usually brings it back up. Sometimes for longer periods, and at others like this weekend for as short as ten seconds.

I have tried re positioning the boost and it is over a foot away from the router, and have placed it higher/lower with no positive effect. All speakers have been moved away from the router as well. I have quite a few devices on my network, but given that the system is sometimes stable and these are a constant I am assuming this isn't an issue. I have a long space here, but most of the speakers are within twenty feet of on another.

I have several thousand invested in sonos now, and love sonos, but for true enjoyment I would like to be able to play my turntable and digital files (I use roon), streaming services are nice, but not my primary avenue of musical enjoyment. I am hoping for advice on how to correct this.

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1 reply

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Hi, KhepriPhillip. Welcome to the community. We can certainly have a look at this issue with you and will do whatever we can to resolve it.
Can you please submit a diagnostic and respond with the confirmation number? This way we can see what's going on. Many thanks.