Drop outs when modifying rooms in a Group

  • 1 January 2018
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It seems like since the last update I have had this problem. When the Family Room is included in a group making changes to the rooms included in the group results in 30 second drop outs in the Family Room only. All other rooms continue to play normally. Eventually Family Room begins playing again, sometimes with another short drop out or two.

I have tried the following:
* swapped ZP90s between the Family Room and other rooms. Problem stays with Family Room
* tried all three Sonos wireless addresses
* tried different WiFi addresses on the router
* powered off all Wifi devices, rebooted router, then switched devices back on in 2-3 minute intervals
* reserved addresses in the router based on MAC addresses
* Re-ran wifi set-up through Sonos
* Replaced router with newer, higher power router

Except for a ZoneBridge directly connected to the router, this Sonos product is the nearest to the router location. All others work as they always have.

My system consists of:
* ZP90 - Family Room
* ZP90 - Basement
* ZP120 - Garage
* ZP120 - Den
* ZP120 - Master Bath
* ZP120 - Patio
* ZoneBridge
* CR-100 Controller
* CR-200 Controller
* Controller Apps on laptop, iPad, iPhones

Except for the new router after the problem started I have had no hardware or wiring changes, no location changes, etc. It really seems like this started after the last update. I'm sure you can see it through diagnostics, but I am on version 8.2.2, Build 39448021. According to my system there are no new updates. Also, nothing appears in the Error Log and this happens regardless of music source.

I submitted diagnostics today, #8306069.

Thanks in advance for a little help to resolve this new, annoying problem. Sonos has been FANTASTIC until now. Only one dead CR-100 Controller (RIP) in 8 years of ownership.


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2 replies

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Hello there, thamilton1965. Welcome to the Community! Thanks for the detailed posting and for the diagnostic report. When you say you swapped ZP90's between the Family Room and the problem stayed with Family Room, do you mean the ZP90 that was once in the Family Room (now in another room) continued to exhibit problems? Or did the new unit now serving the Family Room start to show the problem the other ZP90 was showing?

Based on the diagnostic report, I am seeing quite a few errors regarding the physical location of the unit called "Family Room". It seems about every 6 minutes something nearby is broadcasting wirelessly, causing some significant interference. What is immediately nearby the Family Room CONNECT?
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Hi Keith,

I moved the ZP90 from one room to the another but the problem stayed with the room not the ZP90 so the Sonos hardware is not the source of the problem.

Near the Living Room ZP90 is a Roku and Apple TV. The Roku is wired but the Apple TV is wireless. Also nearby is our Christmas tree with LED lights

I disconnected power from the Roku and Apple TV but still had drop outs when adding or removing rooms from the group that included the Living Room. At one point the Garage player stopped appearing in the list then the Sonos controller locked up on the PC. Ultimately I had to reboot the router to recover.

After that I switched off the Christmas tree along with the Roko and Apple TV but still had drop outs.

Any more ideas?