Drop outs over Ethernet, rooms disappearing/reappearing

Hi guys,

Had my Sonos for years now and never had a problem.

Since adding the new play 5 a few months back, I randomly lose a room from the controller but it still plays music but drops it's grouping.

Problem I'm having now is I keep losing my grouping but the speaker remains in the list.

Play 5 is ethernet, playbar +sub is ethernet, play 1s are wireless, bridge is ethernet.

Diagnostic number is 7413992

Thanks in advance

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The BRIDGE power supply can age, reducing its output voltage. This can trigger intermittent connectivity problems.

Since you have other wired players, as an experiment turn the BRIDGE off.
I had this problem when I connected one of my devices to the wired Network which then triggers the use of Sonos net. Solution was to unplug all my Sonos devices and use my native wireless which has a stronger signal.
Since pulling out the bridge this morning and playing for a few hours, things have been good. Will how it goes for a little bit. Thanks for the advice
How do I figure out which of my devices is causing the havoc? I own seven devices, 3 of which are wired. Are there any debugging tools available? It feels silly to do all this by trial and error.
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Hey there, ewanger. Submit a diagnostic report and I'll be happy to take a look. What exactly are you experiencing? Dropped rooms? What is the make and model of the router you're working with?
Diagnostic report? I have seven devices and the app, when it can find my sonos system at all, can only find 2 or occasionally 3 of the devices. 3 of them are wired (two 5's and a connect).

I have three passive wifi hubs in the house. Is that what you are referring to as a "router"? I do also have what I call a router (in the old school TCP/IP sense of the word, which provide NAT and serves DHCP. )

FYI, I attempt to submit a diagnostic report yesterday but the app kept giving me errors and so my report could not be submitted.

1) Is there some diagnostic software available to help see what's actually going on? Trial and error is making me a bit nuts.
2) How do I obtain diagnostics and a seven device system that will only intermittently attach to the controller?

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When asking about the router, I was referring to the main routing device that serves DHCP. It will also be very helpful to have the information of the passive WiFi hubs you have in the house.

From the sounds of it, you may find it advantageous to give our support technicians a call to troubleshoot this together in real time. If the system is unable to connect and cannot send diagnostics we will likely need to set up a remote session and take a closer look at your local network to see why Sonos is unable to connect. Our contact information can be found here.
Router: Sonicwall TZ 400 SonicOS Enhanced
Wifi Hub 1: Apple Airport Time Capsule 802.11ac Version 7.7.9
Wifi Hub 2: Apple Airport Extreme 802.11n (5th generation), Version 7.6.9
Wifi Hub 3: Asus RT-AC3200 Firmware

I would love to work with support in real time. how can I get in touch with them? Thus far, this forum has been my only successful attempt to contact sonos tech support.

I believe you already have my phone number and my email address.

What's the best way to contact them?


Sounds like a possible STP (Spanning Tree Protocol) problem. Any device in the wired path between Sonos units must support STP, either actively or transparently. Often devices claiming STP support require it to be explicitly enabled.
ewanger, if ratty's post doesn't resolve it (and I think it will), you can contact Sonos .
He suggested that any devices in the wired between Sonos units must support STP. That sounds like a later debugging step.

But STP relates to wired devices connected on the same wired LAN, doesn't it? How would it explain why I can't see a single, individual wired device on the same subnet?

Here is the test I just ran.

1) First things first, I have deactivated every sonos device in my house and my wifi now works correctly again.
2) I let my son and daughter use their wireless play1 devices. The home WIFI seems to be ok.

3) I attempted to light up one CONNECT device on my LAN to see if I can get it to work reliably in a wired configuration. DIDN"T WORK.

Here's the problem I getting.
-My ethernet wired CONNECT is attempting to find my ethernet wired macbook.
-After a few tries, I was successfully able to ADD PLAYER OR SUB to get the app to see my CONNECT, identify its address, and connect to it.
-However, this device never shows up on "Rooms," even though it is the only wired SONOS device on the LAN.
-Then, unfortunately, I'm back to "Sorry we can't connect to sonos. Let's try some things......" on the Macbook app on an intermittent basis. Sometimes I can see one, two or none of the wifi sonos speakers, but I can never see the wired device.

Not sure how to proceed if I can't light up a single wired CONNECT. Is there a diagnostic to see if the device has failed? Is there a way to do a factory reset? It looks like its acting properly...

help please
I just got it working for a bit, but then it disappeared again. It's the only wired sonos device on the network! I can see my two kids wireless devices, but I'm stumped.
How do you tell if a device has failed? is that a diagnostic?
I was able to light up a PLAY3, wired, on the testbed I just setup. But the CONNECT seems to be intermittent. Diagnostics? Repair it? Throw it in the trash?
oops, spoke to soon. the wired PLAY3 clobbered the wifi and i had to disconnect it.
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From a basic set-up perspective, you should remove any Wi-Fi credentials from the Sonos App when you connect any Sonos device to a wired connection and use the SonosNet to communicate between Sonos devices. Your problem sounds more extreme than I would have expected but I would try these steps:

1/ Remove the Wi-Fi credentials from the Sonos App>Settings>Advanced>wifi steup;
2/ Power down all Sonos devices and then connect the Connect via a wired connection and let it complete it's boot sequence;
3/ Open your Router settings and check what wi-fi channel it's been set to;
4/ Open the Sonos app>Settings>Advanced and make sure the SonosNet channel is different to the Router Wi-Fi channel;
5/ Boot the other Sonos devices and allow them to connect.

This should not cause any wi-fi issues now. Can you retest and let us know if this helped?

If the problem persists can you load this page http://{Your Connect IP Address}:1400/support/review and then select Network Matrix
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Hi, ewanger. I think it'd be best to get in touch with us via telephone. The opening hours can be found here. We need to remotely access your computer and check the settings on your network devices. Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you.