Drop-outs caused by BT8600 Call blocker telephone system

  • 13 March 2017
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I have had quite a large Sonos system for a number of years, I used to have some drop-outs which turned out to be caused by a new, large, American refrigerator shielding one of the amps - moved the fridge and the problem went away.

Now I have a new drop out problem - I recently installed a BT8600 Call blocker telephone system. One instrument is in the bedroom where there is a "CONNECT:AMP: Master Bedroom, Version: 7.1 (build 341637101), Hardware Version:, IP Address:, WM: 0, OTP: 1.1.1(1-16-3-0.9)."

When the phone is used (incoming or outgoing) the Sonos Connect appears to drop-out if it is tuned to BBC Radios 1 through 4 (but not BBC Radio Oxford). On close inspection the logo screen (i.e Radio 4) is still there but the sound has gone away. It is usually, but not always, possible to re-tune to, for instance, Classic FM, or wait for about 30 minutes for Radio 4 to start-up on its own.

This would be quite a good feature - turn the radio off if the 'phone rings, but only if it came back on again right away!

I have run an update and changed the channel but to no avail.

I have submitted diagnostic confirmation number 7183031.



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