Drop outs and lost connection when using Spotify through the Sonos App

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danielzurbrucken, I'd encourage you to do what KeithN said in the post before yours. i.e. call in to the support technicians. But i haven't a problem with other music sources...
Just Spotify
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Hi there, danielazurbrucken. Thanks for reaching out and for the diagnostic report. Based on my findings it seems that your Sonos system is having problems getting data to A1.OG 1 and 2. Additionally, your system is split between wireless and wired modes this is certainly causing problems with regards to connectivity. The only errors I see that are specific to Spotify are stream limit errors. This usually points to an account that is being played in multiple instances (mobile device & Sonos, for instance).

If you would like to dig deeper and troubleshoot this, I'd recommend giving our support technicians a call. They are able to get a look at this in real time and get this sorted.
My Sonos keep loosing connection to the players and to Spotify... I have dropped the wireless connection and running fully wired on a 1G switched network. Before controller version 6 ( or at least for some years ago it was super stable ) but during updates 7, 8 and now 9x - it become more and more unpredictable. The connection to Spotify working great on Spotify with other sound systems and my internet connection is very stable and constantly monitored. The best way is normally to boot the players and/or kill the controller application - but this was not the idea behind Sonos.

I'm running out of idea for further trouble shooting and wonder if others have same issues with wired players ?

ps. Searching for lost connection issue in this community gives me around 2000 hits with several long rely chains below - is it a SW development problem rather than environments conditions ?

Thanks in advance for input
Take a look at your DHCP reservations for IP addresses on all devices. If you're still having issues with dropping connections when wired, that's liable to be the issue.
What kind of Firewall do you have? If its a SonicWall you can try going into the Gateway AV settings and Enable "HTTP Byte-Range requests with Gateway AV". That solved my issue