Drop out when rooms are grouped

  • 5 July 2017
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I've been using Sonos for 12 years, adding components as I go. However, just recently, my ZP90 (Connect) units have started dropping out quite a lot. I don't have a new router and there's nothing else using WIFI that is especially recent that could have been a catalyst.

The one occurrence that is consistent is that if I am using one of the ZP90s to stream music and I add a second room in Group mode, the other room plays perfectly and the ZP90 simply stops playing. The Mac software that I am usually using to operate Sonos says that both are playing but there's just no sound. I can even still use the ZP90 mute button to pause the music in the other zone but there's nothing coming from the unit, itself. The volume is way up so it isn't that - any ideas and why is it only affecting my ZP90s and not my Play 1, 5 or ZP120?

If it helps, I have a diagnostic number: 7569572. Thanks.

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2 replies

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Hello Rhyddin, it looks like the Loung & Garden CONNECT shows quite a high level of interference around it. What other devices are near that CONNECT?
Any updates on this issue? I'm having the same problem with my Connect.