downloading playbase s/w update via android cannot see where you accept the privacy agreement

Attempting to update the Sonos playbase s/w via Android to 7.4 shows a page with two links re privacy. There is nothing visible on the phone to indicate that you have read and accept etc. Hence, seem unable to proceed to update the s/w.

Currently experiencing intermittent but regular loss of audio from the playbase which is taking audio via optical from my Sony TV. Only had the product a week and this is going on daily. Submitted diagnostics.

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There was a previous thread on this issue, it turned out that in order to see the buttons, you have to reset the font size on your device to normal, and then the buttons will appear on the screen.

If you've submitted diagnostics, you probably should post the number here, or contact them some other way, as listed at
Thanks bud..
Thank you!!!!


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