Double albums: Tracks not sequenced by disc

  • 2 November 2016
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This problem is about double albums by the same Album Name for both disks but different disc numbers in the appropriate field.

According to this old post, Sonos reads the disc-number field and will play all tracks of CD1 before first track from CD2:

johnseay writes:
"Sonos supports the discnumber tag. Track 1 of disc 2 will appear after the last track of disc 1."

However, this is not the result I get with flac files where the disc number fields are 1 for CD1 and 2 for CD2. They are sequenced: 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3 e.t.c.
Is the information in the old thread wrong or is there something I've missed?

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2 replies

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Sonos does support the discnumber tag, so the issues you're experiencing are unusual. If you'd like we can help take a look live with you. Feel free to give us a call and give the technician this ticket number 161103-000017 to continue troubleshooting.
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I finally figured this out. I encode in flac on Mac and the software I use does not seem to write the "discnumber" tag. I have a batch editor called Media Rage and it does support a tag called "disc" for handling multiple discs but that is obviously an obsolete tag. It's not recognized by Sonos and it's not recognized by the flac player Decibel either.

There's a Mac application called Tag from which can write the "discnumber" tag in flac files though.
Any advice on more powerful Mac compatible tag editors for flac is appreciated. Tag is nice but not very capable.