done with sonos

  • 21 August 2015
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curious to hear if anyone has had a similar experience, but after so many issues and interruptions, tomorrow i will try to unload my sonos system (play bar, play3, 2x play1, SUB) on some poor unsuspecting victim out there. its been a disappointment since day 1 and I'm tired of trolling forums to find solutions.

the principle is great, the design is nice, but the execution is so so poor. is it just me?

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7 replies

Yes pretty much it is just you, you likely just have a fairly basic network issue, once that's sorted it should be fine but nobody here will be able to guess if you don't give us a clue.
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Since you already have spent the money maybe you should give it one more try?

Submit a diagnostic code

Get the number post it here and call Sonos for help with the number.

My system runs great 100% of the time!
I disagree completely with the LHC. It's not just you. Since day one these speakers have had problems with connectivity and with rooms disappearing on and off. It really shouldn't be this difficult, and the fact that since your comment one year ago this is still a problem speaks volumes. I hate this product. I will never purchase another sonos speaker in my lifetime.
This thread is over a year old and has one person complaining, and he never even tried to fix his problems. He just vented. Hardly a trend.

However, usually fixing your "Sonos" problems means fixing your network problems. In short, full network refresh to flush out duplicate IP addresses, then reserve IP addresses in your router setup. Did this after my last router change and have had a rock solid Sonos system ever since.
Submit a diagnostic. Post the number. Talk to Sonos Support.
Can't agree more with jgatie, ratty, CapnLes and The LHC. Many people seem not to understand that in order to have Wifi connected speakers, a good wifi system is necessary. If you take a moment to look into your local wifi network, and understand the way it works, you'll end up with a rock solid and very enjoyable Sonos system.

it really shouldn't be that difficult, to use your own expression, to understand that.
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One year later and my system is rock solid. never had one problem and we use it every day
Love Sonos would never buy anything else.