Does My Mum need a Boost?

  • 21 June 2022
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I’ve just been staying at my mum’s for a few days, she has a Sonos system comprising of an Arc, Amp, One, One SL (and a Move & Roam).

Currently running a completely wireless set up.

It just doesn’t work that well, frequent drop outs and speakers disappearing etc. Having moved the 2 Ones yesterday plugging them back in their normal locations this morning one of them wouldn’t reconnect.

I think the ideal would be to cable the Arc or the Amp but this would need a hole drilling through the wall and I’m limited to how much time I can really spend there sorting it.

Will a Boost do the same as wiring a speaker and automatically switch everything (apart from Roam & Move) over to SonosNet? And if I send her one in the post is it just a case of plugging it in and adding it to the system in the same way as a speaker?


In contrast my system, with more speakers but the majority of them wired, just works pretty much flawlessly.


cheers for any input 🙂


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4 replies

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Thanks again, it’s something I’ll follow up when I next visit unless she complains of it getting worse in the meantime.

The Ones are both individual in different locations and unfortunately nowhere near the router.

If it was my house I’d be running cables, I’m tempted to try a power line adapter (I know Sonos say they don’t support their use) as I’ve had success with them in the past (before I pulled my floorboards up 😁).

It is definitely a network issue, not Sonos.  But if it is a problem of wireless interference or IP addressing, a Boost won’t help.  

Wiring any component does indeed create a wireless mesh network where every Sonos device is potentially a repeater.  Are the One and One SL a stereo pair or surrounds, or individual speakers?  If already separate, it would be easier for your mum to wire one of those than to add a Boost (although that is fairly straightforward and i am sure you could talk her through it)

BT routers have been know to be problematic and there might be settings changes that could help.  But I don’t imagine your mum would want to get into that….

One thing you could get her to try is powering off the router and all Sonos speakers.  Then power the router fully back on, then the Sonos speakers.

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Cheers John

After I posted this I did think I could have tested the theory by wiring one of the speakers. I’m on the way home now unfortunately.

It’s just a simple network with a single BT wifi router.

It does “feel” like a wifi issue but I didn’t have any time to go digging.

If using Sonos Net am I right that it creates a mesh rather than each speaker having to be able to reach the wired speaker/boost?

At one point I tried to add the Amp to the already playing pair of ones and it did start playing, but the amp disappeared from the app whilst the music continued.

The Arc I never managed to get to play any music, despite it always showing up in the app.

Hi.  Whether or not a Boost will help depends on the cause of the problems.  Before you try it, I suggest wiring the One or One SL to the router (moving the speaker temporarily, obviously) and seeing if the system becomes stable.  We could take it from there.

Edit: keep the wired speaker at least a couple of feet away from the router.

Does your mum have a simple network or are there extenders, mesh etc?