Distortion from Connect

  • 19 December 2016
  • 9 replies

Did update last night. Everything was fine. Put music on today and there is distortion coming from one of my connects. Thought it was bad amp. But after some rewiring and wire changes I've found it is definitely coming from connect. Digital coax out and analong out both have distortion.

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9 replies

Having something similar here:
Distortions only when playing internet radio stations, similar to the known and fixed issue that came with the last update (6.3? 6.4?).
Not as bad as then, but still noticeable.

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What music source? What file format?
Pandora, this phone, line in with an airport express. Checked with a surround receiver, and an amp with just one pair of spks. Left channel seems to be the worst. Dig coax out is very low with no low end.
So you're playing a lossy stream through the phone's Pandora app (possibly heavily compressed), then over Airplay to an AE, then in through a Line-In. Correct?

On that basis it's surely premature to blame the CONNECT. Anything could go wrong in the above chain.

Something Sonos can control is the Line In sensitivity. Make sure that the Line-In source level is set suitably for the AE's output level.
Yes that was one of the troubleshooting things I tried. But I factory reset the unit, resetup all my accounts. And still had the issue. I played Amazon music, pandora, line in with a DVD player, airplay, music from my library, changed cables, used another connect that is on the system. Same result. Distortion from all outputs.
Other connect worked fine
It sounds like one CONNECT might be faulty. Physically swap the two units over, making sure the Line-In parameters match. If the problem moves with the device, it's the device which is suspect. In that case call Sonos Support.
Yep. Tried and it's def the unit. I've installed countless Sonos players over the years. First one I've ever seen go like this one.
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Not easy to accept, but it might just be my advancing hearing loss.
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