DiskStation refused to let the Sonos player connect to it

  • 8 August 2015
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Dear all,

I have been using my Sonos system with no problems for a long time...until today. I have a Diskstation NAS and Apple iPhone/iPad controllers, a Bridge Connect and several players.
Today, I went to play some music and I got the message that Sonos could not find DiskStation. I tried deleting the music library link then re-entering it. At first I used forward slashes (\\DiskStation\Music) and I got the message that the DiskStation could not be found. Then I used back slashes and now I get the message that 'the computer DiskStation refused to let the Sonos player connect to it'. All out of the blue. I had to reboot the router the other day (power off then on) but that is something I have done may times before with no problem.

Please can somebody help me reconnect?

Many thanks in advance,


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5 replies

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Hey Goodear, if you are getting a refusal from the NAS, it would be worth checking out the folder permissions on the NAS.

The management tool for a DiskStation is called DSM - and they have a guide on the synology page here for adjusting the settings : Clicky!
Dear ElesoteriC,

Thank you. I've gone in to DSM and given every user I can find Read/Write permission. I still get the same problem as before.


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The next step Goodear may be to give our awesome support team a call so we can have a closer look.

Make sure to get the opening times here: Clicky!
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Did you manage to solve this ?
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This is a 2 year old thread. It's not a good place to be looking for a follow-up. I would recommend starting your own thread if you're experiencing issues.