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  • 15 April 2017
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looking for some help please.

I have a Sonos system with the following setup...

Lounge - Playbar, 2 PLAY:1's set as surround and a Sub
Kitchen - PLAY:3
Bedroom - PLAY:1

As the PLAY:1 is in a room furthest from the WiFi router I had set up my Sonos system to use a linked format, e.g. Planar links to PLAY:3 which in series then connects to the PLAY:1 in the bedroom. Or at least that is how I understand it, which is difficult as I'm not sure how I achieved this.

I have recently changed my WiFi router (upgraded) and now the PLAY:1 in the bedroom keeps disappearing and the reappearing.

In both instances the PLAYBAR is connected directly to the router via Ethernet cable.

I am also running version 7.2 of Sonos which I understand to be the latest version.

My main questions are...

1) How do I check the configuration described above?
2) If it turns out I am not using that Config how do I set up?
3) is it better to set all speakers to run fromWiFi?
4) I was previously advised I do not need a Sonos BOOST as I am using the PLAYBAR. Is this no longer the case?

Appreciate any help offered

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1 reply

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Welcome to the community, Mr. Fibble. Would you please submit a diagnostic of your system and respond with the corresponding confirmation? One of our agents will take a look and see why this might be happening. You no longer need a BOOST to use a PLAYBAR, however using a firstwired device remains the most reliable way of running your Sonos system. Thanks.