Different song volumes, same album

  • 19 December 2017
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Hope someone can help? I have an issue where Sonos plays songs at different volumes - but the songs are on the same album, so its not a case of random tracks. It tends to be where the songs segue into one another in a kind of medley way (and it also seems to happen on tracks 1 into 2 - so this at least means the Abbey Road medley is unaffected... Phew).

This is purely on albums in my music library, and so are being played from my pc to Sonos.

I've tried volume normalisation - no good; converted the files (eg from aac to mp3) - still no good; even dug out the cd's and reimported them in various formats... and still no good.

Example albums that this happens on are Given To The Wild by The Maccabees, and Django Django's debut album - Track 2's volume significantly reduces from track 1, and they are supposed to flow seamlessly into one another (if you see what I mean). Infuriating!

Does anyone have a remedy or any thoughts? Hoping this is something simple or glaringly obvious.
Thanks all.

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6 replies

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on viewpoint), Sonos doesn't do any modifications of a stream on a per song basis. So, if Song 2 is louder than Song 1, it was mastered that way. Sonos just plays whatever has been requested at volume X.
Thanks for the reply, really appreciate it. I don’t think it’s the mastering tho, because if I play the same albums thru iTunes on the pc’s speakers, the sound is consistent. It’s also fine if I play the original cd’s that I imported the files from. Really odd!
iTunes can normalise volume, so everything is at the same level but if the CD is consistent then it would point to the importing. Worth ripping the CD again. Its also worth checking the iTunesnorm tag on the tracks to see of anything is amiss.

Sonos can use tags to “adjust” the level of tracks....

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Having the same problem. When I first got Sonos about 3 years ago, there was no issue with song volume levels. I adjusted the volume levels through iTunes and it carried over to Sonos. Sometime in the last year or so, this stopped working. Volume levels are recognized on my Bose systems, but when played on Sonos, it is not. The Sonos speakers sound great, but music playback has become terrible...too many issues. I'm stuck with Sonos as I have spent a lot of $$$$ with two Play 1s, Playbar and sub. I can't even sell the speakers, because I would feel bad selling something that does not work the way it's supposed to. Sonos is putting out more products, but is failing to support the issues regarding the main thing its products are made for...playing your music.
Thanks for this, I’d love to share a solution but still don’t have one! It’s one of a growing list of issues now... so I can totally sympathise with what you’ve said