Different Results Using Tunein on iPad and Macbook?

  • 16 February 2017
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I've been listening to the Rachel Maddow Show through Sonos for a few months and recently found that if I do a search for the show on my iPad I get different results than if I do the search on my MacBook. My iPad results are often a week behind the actual show date while the results on my Macbook are up to date. Any ideas/explanations for why this would happen.

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5 replies

Oh, sorry, thought you were using the web page on the Macbook. Then ignore me, please. Sorry to interrupt.

You can't access any Tunein premium content currently through Sonos apps.
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Could be though I'm using the Sonos software on both iPad and Macbook....
This discussion got me thinking. Is it possible that you're a TuneIn subscribing member? I'm wondering if TuneIn offers the content earlier to subscribers than to "normal/free" members. And Sonos does not yet provide a method to log in to the subscription version of TuneIn. Something I desperately hope is rectified by the time the baseball season starts. Tired of having to play through my computer to my Play:5.
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Interesting...but how would I access the Beta version on Sonos?
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I don't know the show but found your symptom interesting. So on my W10 laptop I searched and opened up the show. Up to date today (latest episode yesterday) But to my surprise my TuneIn says "tunein Beta" with this url:

Could it be your looking at Standard TuneIn vs Beta TuneIn?