Dialogue now coming from surrounds after using Trueplay tuning and 7.0 update.

  • 8 December 2016
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I have a Playbar, Sub & 2 Play 1's set up as a 5.1 set-up.
Been going pretty well ( apart from constant audio dropouts which still hasn't been sorted!)
I updated the iOS app today to version 7 and found the option to Trueplay my speakers. So after Trueplay was finished...I now have the dialogue coming from not just the Playbar but also my surround Play 1's. So instead of getting effects and proper surround channel distribution I'm now hearing spoken dialogue coming through very clearly in the surrounds. ( which shouldn't be happening).
Any advice greatly appreciated.

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5 replies

Couple of suggestions:

First, check the audio source. Some TV programs that are broadcast in stereo sometimes "fake" a 5.1 signal, and send errant data to the surrounds. Try a movie, for instance, and see if it works properly. Or look at the "about my Sonos system" to see exactly what kind of data stream the Playbar thinks it's getting.

Now, if you're getting audio dropouts, I'd suggest that you may have a duplicate IP address issue (or perhaps wifi interference?). There's a lot of people more qualified than me to suggest how to fix that, but from what I've read, it starts with turning off everything from your modem, router, and everything that connects to your wifi. And I mean turn off, not sleep. Power down kind of stuff 🙂 Then start bringing them back up, one at a time, starting with the modem, and allow it a couple of minutes to finish booting and get stable, before moving on to your router. As you bring each item back "online" and powered up, make sure you wait a minute or two for them to acquire an IP address, then move on to the next device.

I found it easier to figure out how to assign reserved IP addresses in my router, so that I wouldn't have to do this potentially every time my house lost power. Not a frequent occurrence, of course, but going through this process once is probably enough, and if you set each device to a reserved IP address, you'll never have another issue with conflicts.

Hope that's useful.
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I think the drop outs referred to are the drop outs that are "somebody else's" fault. An Idea I do not agree with UNTIL Sonos categorically state in stone that the Playbar sound processing does not introduce these drop outs. There are too many devices that "cause" drop outs in 5.1 for it to be a device problem.
All of the "dropouts" I've experienced have been the result of bad reception on my satellite dish. But that was only on the surrounds, due to a degradation of the 5.1 audio signal (and I guess the sub would go, too), since the bandwidth would be only enough to carry the stereo signal.

I also get a dropout when I change channels, which I assume is due to the fact that the TV/DirecTV systems have to change audio streams, and build up enough data to get something significant enough to push out the optical output. I certainly don't attribute that to an issue with the Sonos.

I've seen a lot of communication around issues with Samsung (and a couple about Sony today), but not many from other manufacturers. That leads me to believe that they haven't properly set up the standard for Dolby Digital to send out their optical. In my imagination, Sonos wrote their end to the Dolby Digital specifications. And the TV manufacturers may not have. I come to that conclusion by the limited number of TV manufacturers that are represented in the complaints.

I could certainly be wrong on this. While an eon ago, I did study some electrical engineering, I have to admit that it's not my profession, nor has it ever been. But I've been in software development and integration of multiple APIs in software for years, so I've got some knowledge there. But I don't work for Sonos, nor do I have any particular insight into their systems, beyond that of a customer.
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Hi Spiderbundy, I'd be happy to look at a diagnostic from your system on this one. If you don't mind, can you submit a diagnostic and reply back with your confirmation number?

Also, I'd like for you to run Trueplay tuning again on your system and if this issue persists, please send a second diagnostic for me.

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I think his question was regarding the dialog coming from surrounds seemed unnatural.

My advice would be go to room settings for the playbar and toggle on and off the trueplay and see if it makes any difference in the effect your hearing. That will tell you if its the source pushing the dialog to the rears or some type of trueplay processing anomaly.