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  • 25 May 2017
  • 7 replies

on the desktop controller I see every thing connected,I can control it all from the desktop EXCEPT play on the desktop,
any help appreciated cheers

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7 replies

Not sure what you mean by "play on the desktop". Do you mean the Play button isn't showing up?
What happens after you exit it and relaunch?
Ok. Thanks for the responses.
When im on desktop the sonos controller has full panel, however cant play it through the desktop speaker, have all other speakers around house available and working from desktop. Have tried reboot computer
Problem remains.
Cheers. Bill
It isn't designed to and will not play through the computer speakers - if that is what you mean by desktop speaker.
the sonos controller
That's indeed what it is. It isn't a media player. It simply tells the hardware players what to do.
Has doneb4
Has doneb4
Has done what before? The Sonos Desktop Controller has never, ever played through the computer speakers. It's incapable of doing so. It doesn't handle any audio. It issues commands to the players.

Even when the music is stored on the computer in question the controller isn't involved. The player accesses the files directly.