Dead Play:5 need schematics or tips

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Hi guys!

A component called “M054” seems burned at my Play 5 gen 1.

Do I need to replace more than this, I mean did it burn because of some other fault?

Anyone have an idea where to buy a “M054” from?


See Page 6!

Had the same Problem and replaced that part from a spare Board.

After replacing and powering up, an IC burned.

So i didn't continue 

My Play:5 working again. If nothing helps you can power it with an external adapter.

My setup: 

  • A laptop power adapter (20V - 6A)
  • DC-DC converter (24-12V)
  • DC connector (female)

The power is enough for max volume and there is no problem.

Thanks for the advice.



You beat me to it by a few hours!  Nice job!

I just repaired mine too.  I ordered a 24V/4A power supply very cheap on AMazon… $18CAD .  I chose this one because it was 250 grams, approximately 95 watts, and the size seemed like it would fit -inside- the case.

I had a few DC-DC converters on hand like this:

I was fortunately able to fit everything inside the case.  I piggybacked the 120V supply to the AC-DC supply from the existing socket, and connected my DC-DC converter at the triple inductor like I had suggested a week or so ago.  I opened the power supply case, removed the existing wires, and soldered it all in directly.  I had to trim the two bass reflex ports about an inch, and was able to position the brick just below those centered between the two mid speakers at the back of the case.  I wrapped the PS brick it in a sheet of foam to avoid vibration.  It’s a snug fit, but everything went together perfectly.  There is no vibration, and I can’t tell the sound difference between this and an unmodified speaker.


@timc995 , @mesahin , sound like a practical solution . i’m a complete electronics novice but have a soldering iron and planning to deploy it :).  i have a 12v 5a and a 24v 5a supply, do i connect both negative lines to ground and the +12V and +24v as below?


Can anyone help clarify  if the below diagrams look correct, completely unsure where the -12 V and -24V lines go to,?  both to ground?


used the upper diagram, its now all systems go, even at full blast it sounds as good as when it was new:). 

hi guys!

I tried bypassing the powerboard by copying the schematics above. But no success, my Play5 Gen1 won´t start up. 

Can you spot anything that I´ve done wrong?

(white is +19V from DELL converter/inverter)

When test-connected, I measure +12V out from yellow cable.

When connected to Sonos board I get 0V from yellow.