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  • 2 January 2009
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I have recently installed a 3 zone system and I am completely impressed. In one room I have an existing Hi Fi consisting of Cyrus DAD3Q CD player, Cyrus 111i amp and Mission 752 speakers. I have connected a ZP80 to this and the sound is good but not quite as good (thin in the midrange) as music from the CD player. My digital music has been copied using itunes set to apples lossless format (can't remeber the propoer name).

I want to try and acheive a similar sound as from my existing CD player so my first upgrade is to change out the Sonos supplied interconnects.

The next upgrade would be to add a DAC and use the digital output of the ZP80.

Are there any recommendations for a DAC as Cyrus do not make one to match the system I have.


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54 replies

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Might also want to check out the new Musical Fidelity VDAC I just got one to use with a ZP80 that feeds my outdoor system, it's definitly better sounding than the DAC's in my Sony 5300es receiver ( which isn't a slouch) http://www.avguide.com/blog/the-little-dac-could
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What do you use for a 12 V power supply for the V-DAC? The manual says "Only use approved Musical Fidelity DC power supply." Their power supplies run into the many hundreds of dollars. So the total cost, if you use their suggestion, would be much more expensive.

I'm wondering whether the difference between a top of the line DAC and a lesser model might be in the power supply.That might also explain why the more expensive DAC's are so large needing to accommodate the larger parts for better filtering.............
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Jerry the Vdac is supplied with a 12volt wall wart power supply. It really is a nice sounding unit for $299.00 (free shipping from Audio Advisor)
This thread seems to have been dead for quite some time, but since i ran across it while looking for information about issues with analog sound output from the sonos connect. Specifically some low volume - high frequency "clicking" and a bit of low volume white noise. I have experienced this with both of the connects i have, as well as a friends connect...

My experience is that the connect, like all sonos products, is all about convenience. The UI is the best i have used, and sound quality is generally acceptable for background music.

Sound quality using a good external DAC is MUCH better than the analog outputs. I suspect it has a lot more to do with the internal power supply or amplification implementation than the actual DAC chips... But connecting the connect to a "good" external DAC made a world of difference for me... It sounded as if someone removed a wet blanket from overtop the speakers, and of course, the "clicking" and white noise went away.

While im at it... I would love to see some higher res support in the sonos. Tidal masters for example.

Anyway, curious if anyone else has noticed the "clicking" or white noise issues (note - unless you have a very high resolving system you will likely need to be within a few feet of the speakers to hear).

Ill throw it that while DAC's have improved significantly over the years, and the resolution of music from streaming services has improved - the sonos connect appears to have remained pretty much the same. Im assuming that has something to do with why sonos does not seem to support the new high res content.