Crazy amount of traffic

  • 21 January 2018
  • 9 replies

Anyone know why and how this traffic could be generated?

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9 replies

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Are you sure one of your speakers isn't just muted, and as a result has been unknowingly playing a radio stream for many hours?

What music service(s) do you use?
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That isn't a screen shot I am familiar with. Is it a Sonos one? Is it possible that the Sonos device with all the data useage is passing data through to the other zones so they are not showing data usage?
@MikeV, Yes I am positive it isn`t muted. Using Spotify.
@Legnum Nick. Screenshot is from my Gateway. If data is passed through this 1 speaker, it`s still a lot of data.
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What's the the time period over which the data transfer took place? Without that it's impossible to know whether it represents a 'crazy' amount of traffic.
If you are using Android devices, and you’ve allowed them to connect to your SonosNet, could be why. I do that when I’m at the far end of the house, where SonosNet signal is much better than my router’s.
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Yeah, without knowing the amount of time that those numbers represent, it's hard to say. If that's a day or two, that's insane. If it's a month, it's still a lot... but not entirely unreasonable.

Do you have one Sonos device wired to your router, or are you using WiFi for everything (the icons might indicate WiFi to me, but not sure)? Do you frequently group your speakers?
I would echo the comments made by others....
1. What do these numbers actually represent? I wouldn't be surprised if they included traffic over the LAN, not just internet transfers.
2. What is the period covered? Meaningless without that.

Finally, looking at my own router...I'll see your 11GB and raise you 5GB. And my laptop shows 154GB. And what I imagine is my smart TV, 564GB.

No idea what this all means, but I am not worrying about it.
All WiFi. No wires. Never group my speakers.

I have 8 access points spread out evenly throughout the house. No traffic, other than music I play, and possibly some Sonos generated traffic.

The data is rolling 24 hours. I think it’s excessive. All WAN traffic.
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Well, some quick math shows that listening to some FLAC audio at ~1 Mbps for 24 hours straight could result in ~12 GB of data... but I'm nearly certain that Spotify uses 320 Kbps MP3, not FLAC.

I think the first step for Sonos would be to have you submit a diagnostic from your system and post the confirmation number here. They should be able to see what's going on. It's definitely not normal for one speaker to move 11 GB of data in 24 hours and not be playing anything.