Crackling sound from playbar

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I had this last Saturday night on low volume TV, hasn't happened since though. (Playbar 5.1 setup on latest firmware).
Same again for me. Diag: #8481503
my experience For a few weeks I read these posts on the problem of crackling sound, and I decided to risk buying a playbar used at very very good price with the problem of crackling sound. I think the problem is due to noise on the network. I have the playbar connected for more than a week and it works perfectly. no crackling sound. before I heard the problem with my ears. try to reconnect everything under a different network, at some friend's house.
sorry for my english.
Same issue ongoing with my Playbar connected via optical to an LG B7 OLED. Diagnostic 2009216987. Been doing this for months. 😞
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For this type of issue, I think it might be best that you get in touch with our support team via telephone. If there are any configuration issues, we should be able to sort them out, if there are any additional issues, it would be best for us to gather data.
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I had this problem and replaced the optical cable. Worked for me.
Huh. That's interesting. I can't think of any reason why an optical cable would introduce any crackling. Any theories?
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Hmm suddenly and out of the blue I have this problem. If I set my tv (oled b6) to PCM I have no problem - it is only with a 5.1 dolby digital signal it appears.

It occurred after I ran a trueplay calibration yesterday. I have disabled trueplay and reset my 5.1 system with no luck. Or correctly, it was fine the first 2 hours and is now back.

Any solutions?
Same here... Optical cable has been changed and still same crackling sound. SONOS, What is the FIX????
I had the same issue and went back through my TV menu and had not changed my speakers from TV to Audio System (external). As soon as I did this it stopped. No more snap crackle pop...
Same issue. Just started after many months w/o issues. Diagnostics 391076864. Optical cable plugged into Sony HD KD-55X9000C
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Hi there, everyone. Thanks for posting and keeping the conversation alive. If you are experiencing problems with audio quality or crackling sounds, we would certainly want to have a closer look at this in real time. That being said, the best way to get support on this would be to give our support technicians a call to troubleshoot this. If the player is deemed faulty, we will do what we can to get it sorted.
I am also getting the same problem. It seems worse on HBO Now which is often close to buffering for me. If l play from bluray it is always OK. I wonder if it is related to the quality of the signal and the amount of error correction the playbar is doing. This may be plausable and could expllain why a new firmware change pushed things over the edge. For quite some time it seemed like opening the sonos app on my iphone would stop the crackling. Which does not really make sense - unless it is somehow changing the load on the cpu. Now though opening the app no longer stops it. If i switch to PCM it goes away (as does 5.1!). I’ll try a different optical cable next in case it has lower losses.
I too am experiencing cracking now... only had the unit for a little over a month. Can't believe such an expensive and well reviewed system would have this issue for so many.
It’s been three days since I changed to a different optical cable and so far no interference/crackling - fingers crossed
Well I just had a 30 second period of crackle 😞
Perhaps next time you experience it, you might submit a system diagnostic, and call in to Sonos to discuss it, as suggested by the Sonos rep above.
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Hello everyone. This topic was started June of last year and has been answered twice for different problems than the originally reported issue. In an effort to keep our troubleshooting topics concise and helpful to the Community, I am closing this topic.

If you are experiencing a similar problem, I invite you to create a new topic with a description of the problem along with any pertinent details about the problem including the confirmation number after submitting a diagnostic report. Thanks!