Crackling sound from playbar

Diagnostic number 7486455

Hi team, recently I have been having a few issues with a crackling sound coming from my playbar. I haven't had this happened before and I don't use the speakers on a regular basis

I have my playbar connected by Ethernet cable to the router. The playbar sits infront of my TV. The router sits behind the TV and the sub is off to the side. Also just an FYI I have a printer off to the other side of the TV and I live in a large apartment building.

Is there any explanation for this Crackling sound?

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Hi Jswizzle, Welcome to the Community!

Thanks for the diagnostic, whilst you can see all the Players in your system, could you go to "settings" within the Sonos application and then go to advanced settings and select "wireless setup" select next and then then on the next page, don't put in any wireless password, but you should see a "reset" button, could you then press this. This will remove the Wifi credentials from your players ( as they don't need them because you have the playbar wired to your network). Having these wifi credentials in the players can cause problems.

Then a few questions, assuming the issue persists after doing the above :

Does the crackling sound occur whilst you are watching TV or does it happen when nothing is playing on the TV or both?
Could you also tell us the make and model of the TV?
I'm guessing the Playbar is connected via optical direct to the TV, do you have a TV source with an optical connection ( Apple tv, cable box, DVD, games console etc)? If so if you connect the playbar directly to one of these sources and effectively bypass the TV's audio output does the issue still persist?

Do let us know how you get on.
My playbar has been doing the same. Thought it was just Hulu via my XBox one s. It's never done it just streaming music. I read the optical ports can go bad. God I hope this $700 thing doesn't crap out on me. :(:?
Mine just started doing it yesterday at noon. I am going out from a Samsung 4K UHD with HDR10. I have had these set up for over a year and a half. I have had the whole system set up for that long. My system is going out from Optical to the speaker optical in. I live alone in a house and obviously it does not get touched. I'll try replacing the optical cable, but the tv out works fine with my Xbox still. I'm not sure why a year and half later this would just "START" I would agree with tcafranz. I spent over 2300 for my setup.
This started to happen for me too. I have the Playbar and 2 Play 1's setup. Using optical out. The rear Play 1's start to go in and out and the Playbar starts to crackle. I am playing movies through Plex or Netflix on my Apple TV 4K when this usually starts. Happened a few times now and it's getting annoying. A stop / start on whatever I'm playing usually resolves the issue but then comes back after a little while. Some days it wont happen at all. Not sure what it can be. Hopefully its a simple fix.
I'd recommend that within 10 minutes of experiencing the issue, you submit a system diagnostic, and post the number here, for the folks at Sonos to look at.
Just had the issue occur again today and took a diagnostic. Took this about 30 seconds after hearing the crackling. Diagnostic Number 8146807
I just bought a playbar ladt week. I’m also getting the crackling sound after watching tv for 20 minutes or so. Xfinity, optical cord. Changing channel for a sec and back fixes the problem for another 20 min or so. Had this happen every time on different channels. Very annoying! Cord or playbar?
I have a ticket opened with Sonos on this issue. I was told to do a factory reset and then see if it comes back. If it does they said it’s probably a defective unit. I did the factory reset last night but didn’t have much time to test. I will update if the noise comes back.
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I've also noticed that my system randomly gets scrambled sound, drops the Play:1's.

To fix this I've tried many things including: turn the TV off, reset my Octava Switch, power cycle the playbar, connect/disconnect the optical cable, try playing music from sonos app directly.

All of this has varying degrees of success.

My set up is as follows: TV + Fibe TV Box + Blue ray => Octava switch => Sonos Playbar

My network has a Bridge hooked up to it.

The issue had stopped for a while but has picked up again since the last update. Any ideas on what might be causing it?
I'd be thinking about some sort of wifi interference, in your case, Nik of Time. Might want to review this:

Wifi Interference FAQ
Diagnostics 8192999
Play Bar is connected to TV with digital optical cable and will emit crackling noises only when watching cable tv and not when using Apple TV. I have owned the Play Bar for about 2 years but crackling noise has only been evident for about 3 months.
Same issue. Just started tonight after many months w/o issues. Diagnostics 8200334. Optical cable plugged in to Samsung HD 55".
I have been having the same issue as well, and have been losing my mind trying to figure it out. I have a Playbar plugged into an LG OLED B7 via optical cable with a Sub and two play:1’s. Never had this issue but it is near constant now, sounds like cracking and static

Diagnostic number: 8232183
I also have the cracking sound in my playbar, I have noticed it while watching Netflix through Apple TV.
Diagnostic 8239964
Very annoying
I have been having a similar issue. I have a Sonos play bar with subwoofer and 2 play 1’s. It is connected to Vizio P65 via optical out. I watch tv thru Apple 4K tv. Regardless of app, Netflix, hbo now or Hulu, I notice intermittent crackling. When it happens I will stop/play the video which will resolve it for sometime, anywhere from 20 min till the rest of the day without issue.
I noticed this problem more after hooking up the two Play 1s for surround sound. Have had just playbar and subwoofer for about three months without noticing an issue, then had the Play 1s for past 3 months which is when I started noticing issues. The crackling, however, is from the playbar only.

Anyone find a fix for this yet?
I am having the same issue. Diagnostic number: 8103006
Same, have to restart Apple tv or Xbox all the time
I have this same issue. I have Vizio P65 with optical out to PlayBar. I use Nvidia Shield TV for streaming. When I use Plex or Netflix, I intermittently get the cracking and I sometimes get a loud high pitch noise when I pause when using those two apps. Neither of these happen when using Android Live TV app, Google Play Movies and TV, HBO Now, YouTube.
Actually, that’s very similar to what happens to me. It started off with Plex, then Netflix, now it does it in all of those + Hulu, DirecTV, etc. Only time it doesn’t is during music playback. Switching back to the Xbox sometimes makes a high pitched noise.
My Playbar is making an intermittent crackling sound on TV playback regardless of the output device too. The sound does not happen with music playback through the app. I replaced the digital optical cable and the sound was still present. So...I replaced the television. No change. The crackling is still there. Version 8.2.2. and the build is 39448021 for both. I have a sub connected to the TV/Playbar. System has three additional Play:1 devices throughout the house. Everything is connected via Verizon FIOS gigabit wifi router or repeater.
Contacted support, tried the steps (put sonos and router on separate channels, moved anything that could cause wireless interference like IP cameras, wireless bridges etc). So far so good
I was able to stop the crackling issue by switching my TV’s sound output from Bitstream/Dolby to PCM.
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Just submitted diagnostic 8461494. Very annoying - I don’t want to turn off Dolby Digital it I’ll lose surround sound.
Same crackling sounds every few minutes. Diagnostic reference number: 8462246
Same issue for me. This seems to come up all too often, thought this would've been solved by now. Vizio P-series 65 inch with Playbar connected. Getting crackling sounds with Dolby every few minutes. I don't want to give up 5.1, so it's annoying to have to switch to PCM.

Diagnostic: 8474792