Crackling/Popping From Playbar on all sources

  • 27 June 2017
  • 1 reply


First - I will say I love my playbar. Though the absence of DTS support is annoying, its something I've put up with for ease of use, good quality, and the great iOS App.

However, I have been pretty disappointed with this crackling/popping issue I have. I've had it for some time, really since just after I bought it. It happens on all sources, Apple TV, Netflix from TV, youtube, etc...It's almost like crackling when it gets to a certain volume. I have tried different optical audio cables, and have even had a new TV since I've gotten the playbar...still has the crackling/popping. Please help me fix this, or switch it out. For a $700 soundbar I'd hope this wouldn't be an issue.

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1 reply

In cases of potential hardware issues (which I tend to assume on issues of popping), I'd submit a system diagnostic and post the number here, and then I'd probably call in and talk to the folks at their Customer Support line. You can find your region's data at

It might be useful to also post what kind of TV you've got it connected to, although if it's popping while playing streamed music (non-TV related), that may be moot.