crackle/static sound From a single Play One within a 5.1 setup

  • 17 February 2018
  • 6 replies

crackle/static sound Coming from one of my speakers. Tested the speaker at a hifi shop with no issues. I have sent a diagnostic report into Sonos but no idea what happens next.

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6 replies

8504699 is the diagnosis number.
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Hi, ryan.paul.marsh. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The diagnostics aren't showing any major issues with your system. Is this a consistent problem, or an intermittent one? Which one of the speakers is this occurring on? Please let me know so we can dig a bit deeper. Many thanks.
It’s at high (not full) volume. I’ve turned my rear speaker volume down and it’s a little less often but still happening. I thought it was some songs but it’s very random. Looking at the tv it’s my rear left speaker. I may switch these over and see what’s happening then. Any help grestfilly received
Hi. I’ve recorded a little section of music with the issue on. It’s very repeatable on this music track. See video on YouTube

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You can hear the issue twice early on in the video.
You may want to call Sonos to discuss it, rather than waiting for a response here.