CR200 Update

  • 25 January 2020
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CR200 controller is still my favourite way of controlling my Sonos system, especially as I can take it with me to the garage and listen to music without having my phone (I don’t take the phone so that I don’t get disturbed when trying to get an incalcitrant part to fit a 50 year old Daimler).

However, at the moment it does not work. The Sonos 10.6 update from end of last year has hung it. It just sits in its cradle (or when taken out) with Sonos 10.6 at the top, some bumpf about how much better its all going to be, and then a ‘next’ button at the bottom. Clicking on the ‘next ‘button does nothing. I have tried leaving it off the cradle to run the battery down, then putting it back on, same thing displayed.  After reading some of the posts here, I took the battery out, and left it for 15 mins, then inserted battery, back in cradle, and still the same.

Is there a way of getting my CR200 back working (with its reduced functionality from a previous update)?

By the way, I would love SONOS to give us the choice whether to update the software or not, and not ‘force’ an upgrade on us, even Apple does not go that far.

3 replies

In Settings you can decline automatic updates.

With respect to the CR200, mine is still functioning and is running Version 7.4.

I will note that failing CR200’s usually start becoming cranky at the bottom of the screen, typically in the lower right corner. You may notice that whatever button is displayed in the lower right does not work, but if users can scroll it higher, then the button works. As the screen failure progresses, larger and larger areas become insensitive to touch. At some point users may notice  “ghost” touches causing music to start or stop at random times. As my battery reaches the end of its charge, there will be ghost touches.

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Only good CR-200 news is that you can put it in the Trade Up program even after it dies so when it finally gives up the ghost you can get something for it.

I missed mine but a cheap tablet works about as well and was a lot cheaper than a replacement.

My CR200 is also on 7.4 while the balance of the system updates automatically to the latest 10.6 version. The controller works. My only “technical” solution is removing the battery and then re-installing it. Also I removed the rubber backing on the CR200 as it started to separate a bit and interfered with the unit sitting correctly in the cradle to get a full charge.