CR200 Controller only good as a Paperweight?

  • 8 December 2017
  • 6 replies

I have acquired a CR200 Controller that has barely been used but is running 3.1 software.
Due to this very old software it will not connect to my current system and it will not update to the most recent 7.4 software (this is the latest and final software for the CR200 so I have been told).
I've had this problem in the past but Sonos tech have managed to sort this out for for me over the phone but the person I spoke to last week told me they can no longer update this.
Can anyone confirm this is the case or has anyone had their CR200 updated from an old software recently?

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6 replies

You're expecting someone in the community to counter what you were told by Sonos?
A single person has told me this. Perhaps I am looking for a second opinion.
Maybe I should have just added a comment to the already existing long thread regarding the same problem:
Ah, I see. Certainly, since they're no longer officially supported, I would expect potential issues. It's certainly unfortunate that the memory limitations won't allow them to be updated to the latest software. I suspect there's a fine line of "how much memory can we afford to put in to a device" versus "how long do we expect this device to work" calculation going on. Sonos has done a better than average job in ensuring that their speakers continue to work. I do find it telling, though, that they no longer make a controller of any type, but rely on us to use our smart devices or computers.

I've never owned one, only read various threads on the boards here. I hope you get your confirmation.
Thanks Bruce.
I purely want to use it as an occasional device so it would be nice to get it connected.
Understood. And you've already done the only thing I could think of to get it working, i.e. contacting them directly. Best of luck!