Controlling Sonos via LG Smart TVs - remote issues

  • 13 March 2016
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Recently been reading a number of posts relating to people not being able to control Sonos using lg magic remote which I have also been experiencing problems with.
I have recently upgraded my tv from a 6 year old Samsung
Which controlled Sonos no problem but it seems my new LG is proving to be somewhat problematic.
Anyway whilst I don't have a resolution to LG's magic remote being able to control my Sonos set up via the tv, I have been successful in setting up my set top box remote to be able to control Sonos: Here's my set up
Lg 65uf770v
Sonos, playbar / sub / 2x play 1's
Connect playbar via optical out to LG tv
In tv settings / sound / advanced / select
Audio out (Optical Out /HDMI /ARC)
Also select (internal speaker and optical out simultaneous)
Exit the menu

Then go into Sonos controller APP
Select settings / room settings / TVs settings Control / remote control set up
Add new control and follow the instructions

This has successfully allowed me to control my Sonos set up using TIVo remote via lg tv.
Whilst it isn't a resolution to the magic remote issue, it is enabling me to control my Sonos using Virgin TIVo
Which I watch 80% of the time for most of my content
And I presume should also work with SKY etc...
Itv Anyone finds a resolution on how to pair the magic remote please donkey me know


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10 replies

Donkey typo, darn that predictive text!!!
What I actually meant to say was please do let me know 🙂
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Hi 36hho,

LG Magic remotes work with RF (radio frequency) signal by default, while Sonos Playbar works with IR (infra-red).
However, several Sonos users have found a workaround for this problem.
I will quote Manuel who posted the following procedure on the Community :
  • 1) Go to the LG "Universal Control" and add a Philips sound bar
  • 2) Once done exit the setup and switch to your normal TV input
  • 3) Bring up the LG on-screen remote by pressing the "123/QMenu" button
  • 4) Choose the left/right arrows on top of the on-screen remote until a grey "S.Bar" button appears in the top row
  • 5) Choose the "S.Bar" button which changes the on-screen remote to shrink, show a green "Phillips" button and more importantly the Vol+ and Vol- buttons
  • 6) Launch the Sonos contoller, go into the remote control setup and choose "Replace Remote"
  • 7) When the Sonos controller asks for the respective Vol+ / Vol- buttons use the ones off the on-screen remote from step 5
  • 8) The mute button was not available on the on-screen remote so to complete the Sonos remote setup go back to step one and go through the same sound bar setup again which will give you the mute button on-screen as some of the button to test

You can also refer to this thread on this topic.

Hope this will help !
Thanks so much - stoked to get it working on pioneer type 2
nearly took it back!!
I have a LG 49UB8500 Smart TV and can't figure out how to setup my SONOS Playbar with it. Following the instructions above leads me to the Device Connector -> PlayBar where I can only choose the output - not the manufacture or type of the player. The magic remote however won't we detected.

Does someone has a similar issue or any hint how I get the PLaybar working with my LG smart TV?
Works perfectly using the Phillips selection , for some reason the Sony selection left me with no mute function. Go figure. I have the LG OLED 65B6P. It worked right away for volume up/down and mute on the first go.
I've also been trying to get my Virgin Tivo remote and LG Magic remote to control my Playbar. I have selected my Audio out to Optical Out /HDMI /ARC.

Here's what finally worked for me:-

Program your Tivo remote with code 1238 which is the code for JBL

Program your LG Magic Remote by adding a JBL option 3 soundbar via device connector app on your LG TV

Now set up your Sonos TV remote options using either of the previously programmed remotes as they are kicking out the same IR signal. Normally the LG Magic remote uses RF.

You may think that I could have done this using any soundbar option and match the manufacturer code with the Tivo but trust me, trying to get both to match took forever. Hope this helps someone else.
Thanks for the tip. I tried and it didn't work.
Has anyone successfully paired the remote to the lg tv and then when the tv restarts, it no longer works and have to do the setup again?
This doesn't work.
any update on this, i have the same problem