Controlling Sonos in poor wi-fi environment

  • 4 March 2017
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Hi everyone,
Please can you help me to clear up once and for all if there are any solutions to the problem of poor wi-fi.
I understand that I can use a bridge and also connect my Sonos directly to the router to create it's own wi-fi network, which allows Sonos to play - so far so good.
But I use my iphone to control the Sonos. And my iphone can't see the same wi-fi network from my bedroom. (I have a wi-fi extender, but this doesn't work with the Sonos). Is the only solution to walk downstairs to change the music?
I have tried to research this on the forum, and elsewhere but I have only found solutions about the sonos playing, but not about how you then control the Sonos.
Would a plug-in extender using the electricity sockets work, or do they also give a different wi-fi extension?
Thanks for your help

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4 replies

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If you were to buy a Boost and connect it wired to your router, your entire Sonos system will create it's own wireless mesh network. Give a minute or 2 to do it's magic. The Boost will bridge the 2 networks; wifi and SonosNet. You can use any wifi extender to improve your wifi coverage. When your iPhone will connect via wifi (through the extender) to your router to your Boost, you'll be able to control your Sonos system.

Sorry, I have the same question and still don’t have a satisfactory answer. I live in a cottage with thick stone walls (internal) and have 5 sonos players in adjoining rooms. No issue with sonos net connectivity as audio always plays flawlessly, but there is an issue with wifi connectivity in two of the furthest rooms. We’ve resolved this for normal internet use with power line extenders on the same SSID but whenever our phones are associated with these extenders we cannot control playback. Worse still we often have to disconnect and reconnect to (hopefully) associate with the router for Wi-fi. I’ve just bought a boost which I’m about to return as this does not appear to fix the Wi-fi issue in distant rooms and sonos net is not the issue.

Do I just have to accept that I’ll have to choose between using the internet in all of my house or having a reliable sonos system which I have to walk downstairs (like a dinosaur) to control? I’m £1500 deep in with sonos now so not entirely chuffed - I can’t believe this is impossible - how does this work in large scale commercial settings? Are there supported range extenders? Or is sonos going to do something to fix this? Why can’t I control my system over another network connection? My firewall will allow it and I have 4g connectivity. Serious suggestion Sonos!

K thanks bye!

So disappointing to here that power line WiFi extenders also not fixing the issue.
I’ve given up with Sonos in our poor WiFi rooms, and have been warning all my friends and family about this before they buy.
This problem will become more and more common as most new homes are now super insulated which affects the WiFi.
Also I’m so sick of people telling me to buy a bridge as this clearly doesn’t fix the controller issue.
Maybe bose would have been better?

Totally agree - don’t know how to escalate this or if sonos even care? Perhaps they’re just interested in hooking as many people on a single sonos one as possible rather than those of us who have made a bigger commitment. These are such great speakers totally let down by what is a total no brainer to fix but looks like they’ve gone and chased the Alexa Shiny instead. I have an echo so maybe I’ll just start controlling sonos by shouting really loudly ?.