Controller CR100 frozen on blue screen

  • 16 September 2017
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I have a controller CR100 which is frozen showing a blue screen. I have tried several time to reset it with the mute + music buttons, but when the unit comes back up it stays on with just a blue screen. I tried to let the battery die and recharge it by putting it back on the cradle, but this did not work wither. I tried all this on the other CR100 in my possession that still works fine at it reset correctly: after the blue screen the Sonos logo appears and the unit eventually shows the menu. I read about a tear down removing the battery, but I don't feel confident with this, also if the warranty has expired and I don't think this will fix the problem anyways. This issue did not happen because of an update or because the unit fell or any damage.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

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3 replies

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Replacing the battery is fairly easy, I've done it a couple times but if the screen is coming on I'd not blame the battery.

I don't know if Sonos can help you or not but my solution was ebay and several spare CR-100s back when they were dirt cheap. They look to be $50 plus today but if you want one instead of using your PC or an app it might be worth it.
But is there also a way to reinstall the firmware on the device, for instance?
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When I had mine open (giving up on any official sonos support) I didn't see anything that looked like you could connect to and force an update. The Sonos factory might be able / willing to if the controller has never been opened.