Continuing poor radio playback

  • 28 October 2016
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Over the years I have owned my Sonos system, one of my greatest bugbears has been its overall poor reliability. Considering its cost, you would expect its performance to be far better.
I suffered poor radio performance again yesterday, reported the error & was told by support

"The player is reporting a slow connection to the radio station which means that the data from the station is streaming to your player too slowly for playback to perform properly.."

Ive got a 75mbps cable connection that has no problem playing netflix movies without errors or buffeting
Can anyone else back me up?

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4 replies

Back you up with what? Similar experience? Sorry, can't help you there. The only problems I've ever experienced with Sonos streaming were due to the service itself being down. There is no inherent reliability problem streaming via Sonos in my history with the product.
1/ Just because the broadband connection is rated at 75Mbps it doesn't mean that a radio stream couldn't choke somewhere out on the internet.

2/ Equipped with a system diagnostic, Sonos Support should be able to detemine if local wireless conditions are potentially a factor.

3/ Poor reliability? I don't recognise the phrase either. All wireless systems have to obey the laws of physics, and the internet is a best-effort delivery medium.
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yea I think first step is what ratty says - submit a diagnostic and post the number here for Sonos to review it.
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All media streaming is dependant upon how many people are trying to acces that stream. I've had cut outs in many services which I ascribe to it just being more popular than usual. And of course, just how big the suppliers servers and bandwidth is. Maybe Netflix is hogging all the internet bandwidth, and not for the first time!