Continuing podcasts from traveling to going home / iPhone as a Zone ?

  • 23 January 2018
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I listen to podcasts and would love to be able to start them home and continue them while traveling, and vice versa. I think an easy way to do this would be to add the iPhone (speaker/headset/etc.) itself as a Sonos Zone / "room." This way when I started a podcast say at home, playing throughout the house, if I left, I could just "add" the "room" called "iPhone" and uncheck the others. Currently it's a very awkward process to start a podcast on your Sonos at home, say, then leave, and have to open the iPhone Podcast app, ensure the podcast is there too, and then find the same place in time you left off.

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11 replies

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Hi again, SFDavid. Thanks for sharing your feedback and thoughts!

Let's say you are listening to a podcast at home. Although you are listening at home, the actual content (podcast) is on your phone. If it's playing on Sonos, it's on your phone. The biggest challenge is getting the iOS Podcasts app to talk to Sonos in regards to where you left off. In that case, I'm happy to forward a feature request for that functionality.

Thanks again.
Please add another vote for the having Sonos handle the Apple Podcast (or other podcaster) app. By far my primary use for Sonos is podcasting. I currently have an AirPort access port plugged into the line input of a Sonos Play5. I can use AirPlay to cast to the Airport, and make the connected Play5 part of a group that includes the whole house, but it's a PITA when I want to switch to Spotify or Apple Music. If only I could podcast directly to Sonos, life would be perfect. Or at least better.....
Another vote for this feature please.
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Take a look at Pocket Casts. Great Sonos integration, does everything you want.
Thank you pwt, I've downloaded it and will give it a try.

I believe it just won't be as integrated as I would like it to be.
If I ask siri to play podcast as I'm cycling into work,
I get to work I want to continue on my Sonos... and the inverse,
need to see if Pocket Casts is Siri compatible somehow.
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Thanks Keith! And thanks to the others for additional Apple integration suggestions & other app suggestion. Re:

"Let's say you are listening to a podcast at home. Although you are listening at home, the actual content (podcast) is on your phone. If it's playing on Sonos, it's on your phone. The biggest challenge is getting the iOS Podcasts app to talk to Sonos in regards to where you left off. In that case, I'm happy to forward a feature request for that functionality."

Even better would be just to let the Sonos app play to the iPhone as a Sonos zone, which is my real request; integration with the podcast app to keep place of a podcast would certainly be a help but really if I had both ability to play to the iPhone speaker/headset as a "room" as well as the other features (variable playback, fast forward/rewind 10 secs), then the Sonos app becomes my podcast app. Integrating w/ Apple Apps can be a PITA; I know in the new iOS the new Podcast app my friends have told me isn't so great (I've yet to upgrade to that). Also, *Some* podcasts are downloaded to the phone; in some cases I'm streaming live wo/ downloading (at least that's my understanding of how it works both w/ Apple Podcast app and using say Tunein on Sonos to find podcasts - you can stream it live wo/ downloading). In that case it's not on your phone. Simply playing to the iPhone speaker/headset jack solves all this - would work w/ downloaded or streamed podcasts.

Thanks so much for your attentiveness to this board, love my investment in Sonos and appreciate the constant innovation!
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Thanks @pwt. Another one I've heard great things about (but only for newest version of iOS) is Overcast.
I just bought a pair of Sonos Play:1 speakers, primarily for listening to podcasts at home. I was really disappointed to discover the limitation that I could not seamlessly pick up where I left off on my podcast when I leave home to walk the dog or drive to work, and vice versa. (I have to find the podcast in another app outside of Sonos app, then locate the timestamp where I left off)

I did some internet research and came across this thread mentioning Pocket Casts. Before I download the app and get my hopes up that it will resolve this problem, I would like to know if anyone can answer this question: when I'm listening at home to a podcast on Pocket Casts on my Sonos and then I leave my house, when I continue listening on Pocket Casts, is that a downloaded version of the podcast or a streaming version? It is important for me to understand if the ability to "continue listening" is streaming, because the implication is that will use up a lot of my mobile data. Again I just want to understand the functionality and implications so I can make an informed decision about whether I should return these speakers since my main use is for listening to podcasts. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help
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Hey, Dave. Just picking this up, I did reply in the other thread letting you know I'd respond here. Okay, so let me just get my head around it. Essentially, you want to stop listening on Sonos, then pick up where you left off in the Pocket Casts application but only if the content can be made available offline.

You can definitely make Pocketcasts content available for offline playback according to this link. Though in all honesty, I'm really not sure if you can use the continue listening option for the content that's been saved for offline playback. I'll see what I can find relating to this, in the meantime, perhaps someone else will chime in.
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When Pocket Casts is used as a Sonos music service via the Sonos app, the Sonos speakers connect directly with Pocket Casts, and pull down the podcasts from their source. Hence, this mode does not use the podcasts downloaded onto mobile devices using the Pocket Casts app. Sonos updates the Pocket Casts service with podcast playback status, including the playback position of partially played podcasts.

When you play downloaded podcasts using the native Pocket Casts apps they are played directly from the mobile device. The Pocket Casts service is similarly updated with listening status, so playback between Sonos and the Pocket Casts apps is kept in sync.
hey this was a great solution for me for the last three weeks. Suddenly the podcast native app and the pocketcast app within Sonos are not staying in sync. For example it's not remembering the time stamp of where I left off and if I follow a new podcast in one it's not showing up in the other. Has anyone experienced this and if so did you solve it?