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Hello, I previously experienced issues during playback (tracks skipped / brief interruption during playback) - previously my music was going wirelessly from my Mac into my amp via Sonos and I know from reading forums Sonos doesn't support wireless playback ..... so I bought a NAS and wired this to my Sonos thinking this would solve the issue. Unfortunately it hasn't and still experiencing exactly the same issues. This is very frustrating - is it a Sonos / Router channel issue - I tried all 3 Sonos channels during the course of an evening and had the same issue on all 3 channels - intermittent interruptions during playback of Music. How can I fix this? Please advise.

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Hello Keith, Did you contact Sonos Support to troubleshoot the audio before buying the NAS? What is the format of the music files on the NAS being streamed to Sonos? MP3, AAC, WAV ect? Can you please use the linked Sonos Answer to run a diagnostic of your Sonos System. Run the diagnostic after the audio from the music library cuts out, try to do so within 5 minutes. Please respond with the confirmation number generated. Let me know if this skipping happens with other music sources on Sonos, or just the music library.
James, I will send a diagnostic when I am next playing and have the issue. I would say the format of the files is unlikely to be the issue as all music ripped from CDs or iTunes so should be supported formats and I have used Sonos fine before and not had this issue. I need to know which channel setting is optimal and will then try setting my router to same. I only really use Sonos with my library - when have used internet radio seems ok. It seems odd that these issues are becoming more frequent and just want to get to the bottom of as cant enjoy any music without these skips occurring regularly Keith