Connectivity issues and Ethernet

  • 12 December 2018
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I experience a connectivity issues between a pair of Sonos:3 and a single Sonos:5. I might not be able to resolve amount of wireless noise and distance issues between them but I might be able to connect one of Sonos:5 and one of Sonos:3 to my router using an ethernet cable - I don't might extra cables.
Anyone has any experience if it is a valid configuration and could solve music cut outs?

Best answer by Wietrek 12 December 2018, 21:03

I confirm a single ethernet connection to Sonos:5 is a massive improvement. Thanks all for your time.
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4 replies

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It would be worth looking at Wifi FAQ. You say connectivity between different Sonos devices but if none of them are wired then the connectivity will be between each sonos device and your router. You don't say how far the speakers are apart or from the router but wiring one of them will force the system into using boost mode (SonosNet) which may well solve the issue, especially if you choose a different channel to your regular WiFi. I have seen posts from more experienced contributors that advocate only wiring one device and others advocating wire as many as possible. I have two out of six wired and the system is fine.
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So you currently have 2 Play:3 and a single Play:5 in your home. None are connected wired to router.

How far are each from the router. When running pure wireless each speaker has to talk direct back to the router. So your wifi signal strength at each distance comes into play.

If you wire one of the units to the router they then operate on their own Sonosnet. Advantage with Sonosnet is that they then all talk to each other. So the Sonos unit furthest away will talk to the next closest sonos.

Example: You have 3 Sonos units all wireless. The first is 50 ft. from router, the second is 30 ft. from router and the last is 5 ft. from router. IN this case the one 50 ft. from router is dependent on the routers signal 50 ft. away.

In the same example if the one that was 5 ft. from router was actually wired to router it would then broadcast Sonosnet. The one 30 ft. away would then get is signal 25 ft. away to that unit. The one 50 ft. away would get its signal only 20ft away from the one at 30ft. Thus the one at 50 ft. is now getting a signal only 20ft away vs. originally when wifi only talking back the full 50 ft.

In my opinion any system with 3 or more Sonos units should be using Sonosnet. It is what made Sonos a market leader and made their systems so reliable. Wifi only mode was only developed to get new users in the door.
Thanks a lot for your responses. I think I am getting now what is wrong with my setup. One of my Play:3 pair is a far away from a router and deferentially not in a strait line from it. Max distance in my setup would about 12m but a few corners and windows would mess with a signal. I will try to connect Sonos:5 directly report a progress.
I confirm a single ethernet connection to Sonos:5 is a massive improvement. Thanks all for your time.